Springy Sunday

The good thing about church is it gives me an excuse to dress nice! After my week long funk of jeans and a t-shirt I got an excuse to brake out a skirt and heels! I'm totally in love with this outfit today. I think it came together nicely with the pairing of the rose print tank with my rose pin in my hair, and the weaving on the neckline of the tank with the weaving on the bag. Which i totally forgot to include in the first picture, so here's an insert:

These colours just say spring to me; much like the balmy, sunny weather we have been having here in Vancouver.
Springtime! In February! I love it!

Tank, bag, & bracelet: H&M
Cardigan: Plenty
Skirt: Addition Elle
Heels: The Bay
Hair pin: Me! 



My outfits have been so boring lately. Skinny black jeans, t-shirt, jacket, black boots, repeat. It's all about convenience lately as the Olympics have taken over my city, and i've been traipsing around downtown checking out the sites and taking in the free shows. I've got a two week olympic break from school, so why not? However the shows are usually at night, and they are all outdoor venues. It may be unseasonably warm here, but it does still rain! And it can get somewhat cold at night. It is February, still! Hence the idea of convenience/warmth factoring in to my outfits as of late.

So in lieu of an outfit post(s), i'll share a recent DIY endeavor i've taken on.

Fabric rosettes.
I'm currently an unemployed student, and as such I can't afford to do much shopping lately. At Christmas I got a gift certificate to Michael's from my brother, so when my need for new clothes was too much to bear -  I instead decided on getting some new accessories to spruce up my wardrobe. And save some money by making them myself!

I love these fabric rosette necklaces. You can find them all over etsy.
So I opted to try one out for myself.

I ended up with little tiny rosettes. A good start I think. I'd like to end up with some bigger rosettes, to make more of a statement piece, like this.

But for now all I can manage are little rosettes. I still wanted to get a necklace out of all my work, so I put this little number together:
(Ignore the crooked ribbon, it's been fixed but I've been too lazy to take another picture.)
I'm not in love with it, as it's not exactly what I want, but I think it's an ok start. Now that I can make little rosettes I can move on to big ones! Hopefully i'll get a few made during the rest of the break. 

Here is a tutorial on how to make rosettes.
Here is the tutorial on how to make a necklace.


Monday, Monday

Yesterday's outfit:

A good way to cure a case of the mondays (and a bad case of midterm stress on top of the mondays!) is figuring out a new way to wear a classic outfit. I always pair this vest over a white t with these black skinny jeans, but today decided to throw a tank under there and put a red cardigan over top instead. It was enough to get me feeling good. 
Also finally being able to rock a side pony tail after chopping all my hair off in June was pretty great too! (And guess what?, those bangs were trimmed by moi all on my own! I can finally cut my own bangs without looking crazy! Wooooo!) 

Cardigan: Gift
Vest: Torrid
Skinny pants: Torrid
Flats: Payless
Necklace & Shades: Claire's 
Earrings: Made by a friend!


The facts were these...

I bought this dress because it reminded me of something Charlotte "Chuck" Charles would wear. (I'm a huge fan of Pushing Daisies!) I adore all her dresses on that show. In every episode she'd be wearing something bright and vintage and classy. I envy every dress she had! She definitely influences my style, so when I saw this dress I had to have it! It also came in a gorgeous teal blue and a bright magenta, but the yellow really won me over. I bought it last spring but love to break it out in the winter because the gorgeous yellow really cheers up these grey Vancouver days.

Also, today I learned that the balcony of my new apt is the perfect place to take pictures! Yay natural light!

Dress: Plum
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tights: Gap
Heels: Payless
Owl Pendant: Michael's 
Heels: The Bay



Wow. School is busy. I'm only taking 3 courses and still all my time is sucked up by studying.

Here's some looks i've been wanting to post but haven't had time to:

This blue 'top' is actually a dress. It's much too clingy around my waist, so when I bought it I initially figured i'd fold it over a skirt. when I put it on this day I decided instead to just put a skirt over top of it! It turned out that was for the best, as the kick pleat in the skirt ripped when I got out of my car when I got to church! Haha. Good thing there was some fabric under there! 

Dress/(top):The Bay
Skirt: Addition Elle
Tights: ?
Shoes: Payless
Bracelet: H&M

Cardigan: Somewhere on South Granville. Don't remember the stores name.
Dress: Old Navy
Tights: Gap
Shoes: Winners
Bracelet: H&M
Necklace: Claire's

This bright yellow sweater makes me happy. So happy that I frolic in a feild.

Sweater: Old Navy
Belt: H&M
Dress: Gap
Tights: ?
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