All dressed up and no where to work...

Top: Designer Depot
Skirt: Gap
Leggings: Additon Elle
Boots: Joneve (
Yes, I wear these boots a lot. Can you tell they're my favorite?/1 of only 2 pairs? ;)

This outfit was pretty simple, but I still felt cute in it! I just have no idea what accessories to pair with it. The lace on the sleeves and the neckline seem like detail enough whenever I put it on. (Which I know are hard to see! sorry!) I wore this outfit to an interview last thursday, and while the interview went well, it turns out they aren't actually hiring until June! Oh well. 


Refreshing the "uniform"

Top & lace cami: Old Navy
Skirt: torrid
Leggings: Addition Elle
Boots: Joneve

We all have our uniforms. Those outfits we throw on in the morning when you woke up late, your hair wont cooperate so you have to spend half an hour on it, only to give up and throw it in a pony tail; or when you woke up at a perfectly respectable time, but are now running late because you spent 20 mins staring at an overflowing closet feeling like you have nothing to wear. Almost everyday I have that happen to me. And if I haven't thought about my outfit ahead of time, these are my options:
1.) Black skinny jeans, t-shirt, & cardigan.
2.) Black leggings, mini skirt, & t-shirt or top. (Sometimes with a cardigan.)

I go to these combinations all the time because they work for me. They take no real thought or effort and I know I can still look good. Everyone has those days, and it is on these days when the uniform comes into play.

But in this variation of the uniform I went to on Monday was exciting, because I paired it with a new top! I was bad and went shopping on Saturday (Bad unemployed student! Bad!), and picked this up at old navy for a crazy good deal like $8. (I got a good haul, there may be a post about it coming up.) And I felt great in it. I felt like something that I wear at least once a week suddenly felt brand new. Sometimes one new item is all it takes. There's just something about wearing new clothes. Sometimes a cute new top can give you a whole new outlook on life.

And I even liked my hair that day! (A rare occasion since I cut it.) I felt like Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, describing a moment when he felt he looked good:

"Do you know what I mean? That nice feeling when you look in the mirror, and your hair's right for the first time in your life? I don't think we should base so much on weight, muscles, and a good hair day, but when it happens, it's nice. It really is."

I couldn't agree more, Charlie...I mean, Stephen Chobosky...


Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue dress

This is by far one of my favorite dresses in my closet. 

Dress: Vintage Saks (70's?)
Necklace: Icing
Shoes: Payless

I got the dress back in December at a vintage store that was closing down. The dress was on a mannequin and when I walked by the window I was drawn to it, like a moth to the flame. While I am clearly not the size of a standard mannequin, I just had to look. I went in the store and examined the bunched up fabric of the waist line upon the mannequin, as it turned out, the dress was too big for the mannequin....I was in luck...I  wondered if this was fate, and if it could possibly fit me. I decided to throw caution to the wind and just try it on. 
And it fit!! Even better, since the store was closing down I got it for only $20! 
Super stoked, I started to put in on the next Sunday for church and as I lifted it down over my head I heard a fateful sound of tearing polyester. Half the sleeve had just come off, the thread had completely fallen out. With no sewing machine and rudimentary hand sewing skills, I was stuck. Heartbroken, I called my mom (an expert sewer) in Alberta. She pointed out that vintage dress = vintage thread. She suggested I just get her to re-sew it all to be safe from future rips. So in January when my mom came out for a visit she took the dress back home with her, and after a month I finally came home to a brown paper wrapped box sitting at my doorstep. I was finally reunited with my dress in all it's glory. Today was finally the right day to wear it, so I was excited. I felt fab the whole day and can't wait to wear this dress again! But not until we get a chilly day. I don't think i'll be wearing a polyester dress in the summer. Wearing polyester is like wearing an oven. (That's the only drawback to this beauty of a dress.)

It's also fun to play with the skirt and spin around, too. 


Live for today

This is an outfit that i've been wanting to wear for weeks. When I first thought it up the weather wasn't co-operating, then I got sick. For a week. Finally, I felt better and today seemed the right day to wear it. I originally tried this very skirt over a shirt a year ago, (that way you can see the cute buttons on the pocket!) but I never wore it out because I didn't think it looked good. I felt waay too fat to actually wear such an outfit in public, in front of people. People who would disapprove and let me know it. Looking back, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

I was a 12 in this picture. I'm now around a 16. So of course, now I look back at that picture and can't stop thinking about how great I look. How small my waist had gotten - that's the smallest it's been since I was in jr. high! Back when I first moved to Vancouver and started walking everywhere and started eating normally, not stuffing my face full of chips all the time. But then I got a car, and couldn't get a job, and was out of school, and had really had no reason to leave the house, so I got lazy, so I gained some  weight back again. So now, I am trying to embrace a philosophy that Joy Nash so wonderfully illustrates  in Fat Rant*:
"Today you look at pictures...and you're shocked at how cute you were."
"Guess what? 10 years from now you'll be looking at today, photographs taken of this afternoon, of us, here, now and we'll be shocked at how cute we were....we should've been in hot pants 8 days a week, why wasn't I wearing a tank top?!" 
"So, the mission: to live today like you would have 10 years from now. Cause in the future, we'll look at the past and wonder what the hell our problem was." 

So it was with the advice of Joy Nash that I decided to just live for today and wear what I wanted! I mean, I love this outfit and think I look great! When I get to school and i'm the biggest girl on campus, some insecurities do creep back in - i'm not made of stone. But for the most part I was able to maintain my confidence. And to my suprise, I didn't get any negetive comments. No one yelled any variation of the 'fat insult',  heck, I didn't even get any dirty looks. Either people just keep it to themselves nowadays or... maybe, just maybe....perceptions have changed? One can only hope. 

Shirt: Gap
Necklace: H&M
Skirt: A boutique in Portland, OR. 
(I got it two years ago on vacation, I can't remember what the store is called!)
Boots: Joneve

*I HIGHLY, HIGHLY reccomend watching this video. And all her other fat videos. No matter what your size, i'm sure the words will inspire you! My favorite video of hers is called "Confessions of the Compulsive" - it's great at debunking the idea that all fat people are gluttonous pigs who have a compulsion to constantly eat junk food. 


Pinch Me

Actually, don't. Because today I wore green! (I just wanted to use a Barenaked Ladies song as my title.) I totally had this shirt in mind to wear on Monday - I even had it on until it struck me that St.Patricks day was coming up, soon. Was it today? Tomorrow? Sometime this week? I googled it and found out that it wasn't until Wednesday, so I put it back and figured i'd save it to be festive for the real day of the irish. Even though I don't really do much to honor it. I don't drink, so the green beer is out of the question. All I really can do is wear green. (And eat it, which I did with a spinach salad and a mint milkshake tinted green!) I feel like that's enough. Plus, my name (Erin) is Irish, and I have red hair. (Although i'm not actually legitimately Irish at all, I just seem that way.)

But the only thing exciting about black skinny jeans, grey cardigan and a green t-shirt is in the details so that's all i'm posting.(Full shot of this was flat and boring!)
I just love the neckline of this top! And the colour is nice and bright.

I used to think I couldn't wear green because my hair used to look like this. It was long and red and beautiful and amazing. But then Lore'l stopped making that colour (Spicy Red) and I was all depressed about it and then got crazy and get a super short bob, then went blonde, then realized I hated blonde and went back to red with great difficulty. But I still can't get that original bright red colour now unless it's at a salon and I just can't afford that right now as a student with no job. :( Everyday I still mourn the loss of my hair. 
BUT, I digress. The point of my mourning is that I never used to feel like I could wear green. Now that my hair is (a much cheaper to maintain) auburn, I can wear green without feeling like a leprechaun.
Although leprechaun sure would be festive today.

Shirt: The Bay
Cardigan: Aritzia
Necklace: ?


Cowboy take me away

I've been sick so far all week and have been in pajamas. Needless to say, I have nothing worthy to blog about. This outfit from Sunday is though. With the plaid and the cowboy boots, I felt very western. This is me embracing my Alberta roots. 

Shirt: The Bay
Skirt: Addition Elle
Boots: Joneve
Necklace: Ardene?


Apologies for the crap photo, I couldn't get the right light in my apt to take a decent photo, so I cranked the exposure in iPhoto...
Wow, I've really got to stop with the weird claw thing I always have going on...

I felt super cute today. I adore this mini dess I got at superstore a few years back. It's one of the most comfortable things I own. So much better than pants. (Skirts and dresses win over pants any day in my book!) Works great with leggings as it's too short to wear with tights or on it's own. (I've got long legs!)
Up until now I've always opted to wear it like this:

(Fun fact: this picture was taken almost a year ago. Oh, how I miss my hair...)

Over a white shirt, with a red belt around my waist. While I love that look, I wanted something different today so I opted for the polka dots. I'm glad I did. 

Dress: Superstore - 'Joe' Line
Shirt: Cotton Ginny
Leggings: Addition Elle

In outfit #2:
Shirt: Gap
Belt: H&M
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