Apologies for the crap photo, I couldn't get the right light in my apt to take a decent photo, so I cranked the exposure in iPhoto...
Wow, I've really got to stop with the weird claw thing I always have going on...

I felt super cute today. I adore this mini dess I got at superstore a few years back. It's one of the most comfortable things I own. So much better than pants. (Skirts and dresses win over pants any day in my book!) Works great with leggings as it's too short to wear with tights or on it's own. (I've got long legs!)
Up until now I've always opted to wear it like this:

(Fun fact: this picture was taken almost a year ago. Oh, how I miss my hair...)

Over a white shirt, with a red belt around my waist. While I love that look, I wanted something different today so I opted for the polka dots. I'm glad I did. 

Dress: Superstore - 'Joe' Line
Shirt: Cotton Ginny
Leggings: Addition Elle

In outfit #2:
Shirt: Gap
Belt: H&M

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