Pinch Me

Actually, don't. Because today I wore green! (I just wanted to use a Barenaked Ladies song as my title.) I totally had this shirt in mind to wear on Monday - I even had it on until it struck me that St.Patricks day was coming up, soon. Was it today? Tomorrow? Sometime this week? I googled it and found out that it wasn't until Wednesday, so I put it back and figured i'd save it to be festive for the real day of the irish. Even though I don't really do much to honor it. I don't drink, so the green beer is out of the question. All I really can do is wear green. (And eat it, which I did with a spinach salad and a mint milkshake tinted green!) I feel like that's enough. Plus, my name (Erin) is Irish, and I have red hair. (Although i'm not actually legitimately Irish at all, I just seem that way.)

But the only thing exciting about black skinny jeans, grey cardigan and a green t-shirt is in the details so that's all i'm posting.(Full shot of this was flat and boring!)
I just love the neckline of this top! And the colour is nice and bright.

I used to think I couldn't wear green because my hair used to look like this. It was long and red and beautiful and amazing. But then Lore'l stopped making that colour (Spicy Red) and I was all depressed about it and then got crazy and get a super short bob, then went blonde, then realized I hated blonde and went back to red with great difficulty. But I still can't get that original bright red colour now unless it's at a salon and I just can't afford that right now as a student with no job. :( Everyday I still mourn the loss of my hair. 
BUT, I digress. The point of my mourning is that I never used to feel like I could wear green. Now that my hair is (a much cheaper to maintain) auburn, I can wear green without feeling like a leprechaun.
Although leprechaun sure would be festive today.

Shirt: The Bay
Cardigan: Aritzia
Necklace: ?


  1. well im glad u can wear green now! it looks great on u!


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