the sweater song

So I looked through my blog the other day, and I realized that in pretty much every picture on this page,  I am doing the exact same pose. Left hand on left hip. Left hand on left hip. Left hand on left hip. It's like flipping through a bad catalogue. If I were on America's Next Top Model, Tyra would've totally kicked me off around the third episode, telling me of my potential and sending me off to go practice in the mirror some more, and no matter what to keep at it. Andre Leon Talley would dismiss me for my dreckitude, and I would be sent back to the loft, to pack my belongings. I would not become America's. Next. Top. Model. 
But then again, as the token plus sized model, I would at least have to make it halfway through the cycle, so it looks like Tyra gives plus sized models a chance, too. 

So it's with this in mind I decided to try out some new poses for my outfit photos. I feel like with my new  effort, my name might get called middle-end of the line. Tyra would hand over my photo and look me in the eyes with one hand on her hip, recreating my signature pose, and tell me to stay away from it. And maybe advise more neck. 

Yes, I really need to get out more. 

(excuse the clutter, i've been crafting)

I woke up this morning and it was grey and cold. Just like the day before, and the day before that. Yes, I live in one of the rainiest cities ever, but it still sucks when you wake up to overcast skies day in and day out. I've been here two years and i'm still not used to it.

So it felt like a cardigan day, and as I was sorting through my collection of Grandmother inspired cardigans I have such an affinity for, (some of which I stole from my own grandma!) I realized they are all fall/winter cardigans. Except this lovely yellow number. It just spoke to the sunshine in my heart, the sunshine that was not to be found in the sky. So I put it in my outfit. 

I went for a third colour (because really, why not?) and threw in this teal bag I always forget I have. Part of me only thought of it today because my sister was here for a brief visit and went crazy over it recently. Too bad sis, it's mine! 

Cardigan & bag: Old Navy
Skirt: Cotton Ginny
Tights: The Bay
Heels: Payless


Things I desperately need...other than a job.

Even though I haven't had a source of income (other than my parents) for months, I can't help but online browse. I don't allow myself in stores anymore, so I have to get my fix somehow! 

This lace blazer by Evans.
Just imagining it over a white t, and some jeans, with red peep toe pumps, or with a skirt, or dress, oh, I needs it! My precious!  

I'm also lusting after these items from the much reviewed, recently launched ASOS Curve line. In particular the kimono lace dress and this pleated swing coat.

This dress from Dress 911. It's just so bright and summery and sunshiney. I can totally see Emma Pilsbury rocking a mustard sweater with coral pearls and the famous yellow and olive pumps
If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with Glee, Emma's style, and this blog.

I also love this skirt, from the same site. The material is like something I'd see on my Grandma's couch, and that is why I love it. 

Really, I am lusting over anything with a floral print. I am in love with this springs hottest look. They take me back to the '90's. (Which I was still a  kid for most of, but can still appreciate.) I'm so glad the look of one of my idols, Angela Chase is back. 

This dress from eShakti. I adore this!! The flower detail makes me crazy. I love the colours and the butterfly print! 

But since I have no job, this is all just dreaming. No shopping for me until the visa monster gets fed. 

If you are like me and have low-no cash flow right now, and the need to shop is becoming unbearable, head over to Diva in Deep Thought for a giveaway! That's right, you can enter to win a $50 Torrid gift card or $30 Sephora eGiftcard!


DIY Style

First I just want to say a big HELLO! to all the new followers. The thought of people actually looking and reading what I post here totally warms my lil' blogging heart. So thank you and welcome to Plus Sized Pretty!!!

I cut my bangs yesterday, they were driving me insane! But I didn't dye my hair, even though it looks crazy dark and brunette in this picture! 
And yes, I totally am not wearing any makeup. I feel naked without mascara, and yet every now and then I forget to put on makeup! I really have no idea how that happens. My brain is such a mess at times... 

Shirt: Gap
Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: Winners
Necklace: DIY by me!

The feature of today's outfit is this fabric rosette necklace I made. I'm so thrilled that I have finally mastered the fabric rosettes! I found a tutorial the other night that is way easier then the one I was using before. Once I learned the easy way to make these I got this necklace done!


 I am so proud! I really love this necklace. The fabric is this great paisley with blue and green, with hints of yellow on cream. I fell in love with it at the fabric store, then when I found these 'pearls' they just were meant to be. After my first attempt at rosettes was not exactly what I wanted (they all came out too small, and are now hair pins.) I'm pretty pleased with my new results. I also made one into a headband. (To be featured in a future OOTD.)

All weekend I have been on a roll making these rosettes. Broaches, hair pins. It's so much fun! 



Top: Bluenotes
Pendant: Michaels
Skirt: Gap

I have no shame. I totally repeated 1/2 of this outfit I recently posted about today. I justify my actions because when I wore the first outfit, I didn't have school that day, while today I wore this to school. So it's not so bad really. Plus, people (including me) often wear the same pants a few times during the week, so why not do the same with a skirt? I was just loving this skirt so much I had to wear it again! I can definitely see it becoming a wardrobe staple! This time I paired it with a different top and accessory. (Which i've named Hedwig.)
Also because I wanted to wear this shirt, but the last few buttons don't cooperate lately. My weight shifts up and down every year - usually half my wardrobe is wearable and the other is on reserve. So, thanks to  this skirt, this shirt is no longer on reserve! That's another reason I love skirts over shirts - it gives new life to shirts that may be a tad tight by hiding the bottom buttons that totally aren't buttoned. ;)

To make this post a bit more interesting, i'll ask a simple question. Do you like food? Yes? Good. Me too. I like food so much that I blog about it! Today I made some vegetarian enchiladas (as I am a vegetarian) and posted about them at my other blog, Ventures With Veggies. If you don't know what to make for dinner, check it out!

vegetarain enchilada



Shirt: purchased years ago, don't remember where!
Skirt (that is actually a dress): Old Navy
Heels: Payless
Necklace: Icing

So I had an outfit in mind today. I was going to wear a striped red 3/4 skirt, with a black pencil skirt over it, and my red heels with this black bead necklace. But when I went to put it on this morning, it just wasn't happening. The shirt bunched up strangely under the skirt, and the whole thing just felt off. 
When this happens, and an outfit I had planned on wearing doesn't end up working out, I start spazzing. Suddenly I have no idea what to wear and usually end up calling my little sister in Edmonton, for input and moral support, who always tells me she has no idea what I should wear, as i've been gone for two years and she no longer knows the contents of my closet.  It's quite the dilemma. 
5 outfits later, I came up with this ensemble, almost exactly what I had originally planned on but with a different skirt and shirt. Since it was so similar, and the other one felt so wrong, i was really skeptical about it, like this outfit couldn't be trusted. But as the day went on I ended up totally loving it. I am crazy. 

The best part is that the skirt goes out after the waist, so it almost looks like i've got a booty! (I totally don't, my bum is so flat it's practically concave!) 


There is sunshine in my soul today

Look! The sky does exist! And it's blue! And yes, that's 3/4 of my body bathed in sunshine!!

This morning I was so excited to wake up to glorious, wonderful sunshine(!!) streaming through my windows. The past two weeks have been so overcast and rainy I felt like I was trapped in a big, mean, dark, wet, cloud. That's nothing new for living in this city, as it's been rainy "season" for the past 6 months, and after that the rain still doesn't even go away. I can't really complain too much though, I talked to my mom today and it snowed in my home city. Haha! So as the rainy season is beginning to edge out, I am feeling soo ready for some sunshine!! And today I got it.
My up mood could also be due to an interview I had today, as I have been looking for a job as long as the rainy season has been plaguing the city. It's about time for sunshine, and for Erin to get some money in the bank! After all, I need to buy pretty clothes!....I mean... get out of debt. Ok, pay off visa, then buy pretty clothes!

Shrug: Plenty
Skirt & t-shirt: Gap
Boots: Joneve
Necklace:last year's birthday gift from my mom!

I just read over those first paragraphs and I totally didn't even mention the outfit. Ha! As I was getting ready today I had no idea what to wear. Skinny jeans and a shirt? Safe, but boring. A skirt? Sold. But then is that too fancy for a coffee shop interview? (I'm always afraid of being too fancy. In a country where wearing lululemon EVERYWHERE has become socialy acceptable, even jeans can end up looking formal.) Should I wear something with stripes? Should I go without tights since it's sunshiney? But it's still chilly out, with a bit of wind....What to do? 
In the end I just threw on a white t-shirt, and as soon as it was on, the rest of the outfit suddenly came together. The white shirt was in a pile with this skirt (and by 'pile', i mean neatly organized mess) so that seemed like fate. (Funny story, I bought this skirt almost two years ago and haven't worn it until today!) 
Then I threw on the leggings since I was thinking of biking, then came this cute button necklace my mom sent me a year ago for my birthday (the next one is almost here, I'll be 21 in a week!) and then I thought this shrug worked better over it all then a long cardigan. And of course, I finished off the outfit with my favorite purple cowboy boots. 

And since I decided to ride my bike to my interview, and to return a library book, I thought i'd show off my cute helmet to you all as well. Yes, you can be totally cute and safe while getting exercise and helping the environment. Win, win, win. 

Not sure what is going on with my hand here. It looks awkward.
Safety first, kids!!


Easter Monday

This is the outfit I wore yesterday for Easter Monday. I had a few friends over for a little Easter dinner. I moved away from my family two years ago, so it's nice to get together with a family of friends for holidays,  fellow "orphan" friends who have moved away from their families as well.

I was feeling springy even though the day was overcast and chilly, as always! Come on, Vancouver! I want some sunshine already!! After months and months of rain I am almost missing the sunshine of Alberta. Almost.
The skirt embodied my yearning for warmth and spring, where as  the cardigan and tights embody the ever constant chilly grey Vancouver days, and how to wear a cute springy skirt on such days.

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Addition Elle
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Claire's 
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