Easter Monday

This is the outfit I wore yesterday for Easter Monday. I had a few friends over for a little Easter dinner. I moved away from my family two years ago, so it's nice to get together with a family of friends for holidays,  fellow "orphan" friends who have moved away from their families as well.

I was feeling springy even though the day was overcast and chilly, as always! Come on, Vancouver! I want some sunshine already!! After months and months of rain I am almost missing the sunshine of Alberta. Almost.
The skirt embodied my yearning for warmth and spring, where as  the cardigan and tights embody the ever constant chilly grey Vancouver days, and how to wear a cute springy skirt on such days.

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Addition Elle
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Claire's 


  1. I am particulary loving this outfit... it is super cute and I saw someone with something on similar today and I can't help wanting to try this look myself... I am alittle afraid I can't pull it off. As my husband says "Fear doesn't look good on you". So I need to get over myself and try it. You look amazing... I love the flow of it and how the flowers and color are dead center!! AMAZING!!!

  2. Thanks! I was actually nervous about it to at first. I've done the skirt over a shirt thing before, but that was only with black skirts, which I felt concealed everything nicely, as my stomach is my least favorite area. With the colour and the pattern in this skirt, I felt like it was screaming: "hey, look over here!" to an area i'd kind of rather not draw attention to, and yet I totally did with this outfit.
    BUT I was also loving the look so I decided to just go for it! And i'm glad I did- while I did feel a little self concious at first, just going for it really helped me break out of that.
    So I say go for it! Maybe try a neutral skirt with a flashy top if you're nervous, ease your way into it like I did. ;)

  3. You really know how to dress yourself! Keep it up =)


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