Top: Bluenotes
Pendant: Michaels
Skirt: Gap

I have no shame. I totally repeated 1/2 of this outfit I recently posted about today. I justify my actions because when I wore the first outfit, I didn't have school that day, while today I wore this to school. So it's not so bad really. Plus, people (including me) often wear the same pants a few times during the week, so why not do the same with a skirt? I was just loving this skirt so much I had to wear it again! I can definitely see it becoming a wardrobe staple! This time I paired it with a different top and accessory. (Which i've named Hedwig.)
Also because I wanted to wear this shirt, but the last few buttons don't cooperate lately. My weight shifts up and down every year - usually half my wardrobe is wearable and the other is on reserve. So, thanks to  this skirt, this shirt is no longer on reserve! That's another reason I love skirts over shirts - it gives new life to shirts that may be a tad tight by hiding the bottom buttons that totally aren't buttoned. ;)

To make this post a bit more interesting, i'll ask a simple question. Do you like food? Yes? Good. Me too. I like food so much that I blog about it! Today I made some vegetarian enchiladas (as I am a vegetarian) and posted about them at my other blog, Ventures With Veggies. If you don't know what to make for dinner, check it out!

vegetarain enchilada

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  1. its all good girl ... u look great and i seriously LOVE that jean skirt!


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