Shirt: purchased years ago, don't remember where!
Skirt (that is actually a dress): Old Navy
Heels: Payless
Necklace: Icing

So I had an outfit in mind today. I was going to wear a striped red 3/4 skirt, with a black pencil skirt over it, and my red heels with this black bead necklace. But when I went to put it on this morning, it just wasn't happening. The shirt bunched up strangely under the skirt, and the whole thing just felt off. 
When this happens, and an outfit I had planned on wearing doesn't end up working out, I start spazzing. Suddenly I have no idea what to wear and usually end up calling my little sister in Edmonton, for input and moral support, who always tells me she has no idea what I should wear, as i've been gone for two years and she no longer knows the contents of my closet.  It's quite the dilemma. 
5 outfits later, I came up with this ensemble, almost exactly what I had originally planned on but with a different skirt and shirt. Since it was so similar, and the other one felt so wrong, i was really skeptical about it, like this outfit couldn't be trusted. But as the day went on I ended up totally loving it. I am crazy. 

The best part is that the skirt goes out after the waist, so it almost looks like i've got a booty! (I totally don't, my bum is so flat it's practically concave!) 


  1. Thank God you didn't go with your initial feeling... loving the outfit... and you know how I feel about a red shoe... Diva Pose!!!
    Love it!!

  2. you look AMAZING erin! seriously. and shut up with those red pumpsss! lllooove this!

  3. Love the pop of colour with the red shoes!


  4. Cute outfit!




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