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So I looked through my blog the other day, and I realized that in pretty much every picture on this page,  I am doing the exact same pose. Left hand on left hip. Left hand on left hip. Left hand on left hip. It's like flipping through a bad catalogue. If I were on America's Next Top Model, Tyra would've totally kicked me off around the third episode, telling me of my potential and sending me off to go practice in the mirror some more, and no matter what to keep at it. Andre Leon Talley would dismiss me for my dreckitude, and I would be sent back to the loft, to pack my belongings. I would not become America's. Next. Top. Model. 
But then again, as the token plus sized model, I would at least have to make it halfway through the cycle, so it looks like Tyra gives plus sized models a chance, too. 

So it's with this in mind I decided to try out some new poses for my outfit photos. I feel like with my new  effort, my name might get called middle-end of the line. Tyra would hand over my photo and look me in the eyes with one hand on her hip, recreating my signature pose, and tell me to stay away from it. And maybe advise more neck. 

Yes, I really need to get out more. 

(excuse the clutter, i've been crafting)

I woke up this morning and it was grey and cold. Just like the day before, and the day before that. Yes, I live in one of the rainiest cities ever, but it still sucks when you wake up to overcast skies day in and day out. I've been here two years and i'm still not used to it.

So it felt like a cardigan day, and as I was sorting through my collection of Grandmother inspired cardigans I have such an affinity for, (some of which I stole from my own grandma!) I realized they are all fall/winter cardigans. Except this lovely yellow number. It just spoke to the sunshine in my heart, the sunshine that was not to be found in the sky. So I put it in my outfit. 

I went for a third colour (because really, why not?) and threw in this teal bag I always forget I have. Part of me only thought of it today because my sister was here for a brief visit and went crazy over it recently. Too bad sis, it's mine! 

Cardigan & bag: Old Navy
Skirt: Cotton Ginny
Tights: The Bay
Heels: Payless


  1. what a lovely cardigan. I love the bright color and design, and the teal bag is a perfect addition.

    Don't worry about the poses, I do the same thing. I found one that works for me, so I just go with it. You look great anyway!

  2. You and this look are just mega cute! Love it! :)


    Rebequita Rose


  3. ooh, love the cardigan. Also loving the tights, love me some fishnets.


  4. love all the pops of colors hun! and ure poses are perfect ... ;-)

  5. Totally love your cardi! i want it. And I bought a similar bag at Old Navy!!! It's in pink though :D

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