There is sunshine in my soul today

Look! The sky does exist! And it's blue! And yes, that's 3/4 of my body bathed in sunshine!!

This morning I was so excited to wake up to glorious, wonderful sunshine(!!) streaming through my windows. The past two weeks have been so overcast and rainy I felt like I was trapped in a big, mean, dark, wet, cloud. That's nothing new for living in this city, as it's been rainy "season" for the past 6 months, and after that the rain still doesn't even go away. I can't really complain too much though, I talked to my mom today and it snowed in my home city. Haha! So as the rainy season is beginning to edge out, I am feeling soo ready for some sunshine!! And today I got it.
My up mood could also be due to an interview I had today, as I have been looking for a job as long as the rainy season has been plaguing the city. It's about time for sunshine, and for Erin to get some money in the bank! After all, I need to buy pretty clothes!....I mean... get out of debt. Ok, pay off visa, then buy pretty clothes!

Shrug: Plenty
Skirt & t-shirt: Gap
Boots: Joneve
Necklace:last year's birthday gift from my mom!

I just read over those first paragraphs and I totally didn't even mention the outfit. Ha! As I was getting ready today I had no idea what to wear. Skinny jeans and a shirt? Safe, but boring. A skirt? Sold. But then is that too fancy for a coffee shop interview? (I'm always afraid of being too fancy. In a country where wearing lululemon EVERYWHERE has become socialy acceptable, even jeans can end up looking formal.) Should I wear something with stripes? Should I go without tights since it's sunshiney? But it's still chilly out, with a bit of wind....What to do? 
In the end I just threw on a white t-shirt, and as soon as it was on, the rest of the outfit suddenly came together. The white shirt was in a pile with this skirt (and by 'pile', i mean neatly organized mess) so that seemed like fate. (Funny story, I bought this skirt almost two years ago and haven't worn it until today!) 
Then I threw on the leggings since I was thinking of biking, then came this cute button necklace my mom sent me a year ago for my birthday (the next one is almost here, I'll be 21 in a week!) and then I thought this shrug worked better over it all then a long cardigan. And of course, I finished off the outfit with my favorite purple cowboy boots. 

And since I decided to ride my bike to my interview, and to return a library book, I thought i'd show off my cute helmet to you all as well. Yes, you can be totally cute and safe while getting exercise and helping the environment. Win, win, win. 

Not sure what is going on with my hand here. It looks awkward.
Safety first, kids!!


  1. Great outfit! I hope the interview went well. I think I have that skirt, but it's a L and doesn't fit. The snow in Edmonton was enough to make a girl cry. And I must see a close-up photo of that necklace!

    Sorry for the disjointed comment, but you look wonderful.

  2. Thank you! The interview was good, but the job is a dud. The hours and the pay are both not ideal, so I'm hoping something else will come along! The snow is definitely the thing I miss least about Edmonton!
    I'll be sure to post the necklace again, it is rather cute.


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