Things I desperately need...other than a job.

Even though I haven't had a source of income (other than my parents) for months, I can't help but online browse. I don't allow myself in stores anymore, so I have to get my fix somehow! 

This lace blazer by Evans.
Just imagining it over a white t, and some jeans, with red peep toe pumps, or with a skirt, or dress, oh, I needs it! My precious!  

I'm also lusting after these items from the much reviewed, recently launched ASOS Curve line. In particular the kimono lace dress and this pleated swing coat.

This dress from Dress 911. It's just so bright and summery and sunshiney. I can totally see Emma Pilsbury rocking a mustard sweater with coral pearls and the famous yellow and olive pumps
If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with Glee, Emma's style, and this blog.

I also love this skirt, from the same site. The material is like something I'd see on my Grandma's couch, and that is why I love it. 

Really, I am lusting over anything with a floral print. I am in love with this springs hottest look. They take me back to the '90's. (Which I was still a  kid for most of, but can still appreciate.) I'm so glad the look of one of my idols, Angela Chase is back. 

This dress from eShakti. I adore this!! The flower detail makes me crazy. I love the colours and the butterfly print! 

But since I have no job, this is all just dreaming. No shopping for me until the visa monster gets fed. 

If you are like me and have low-no cash flow right now, and the need to shop is becoming unbearable, head over to Diva in Deep Thought for a giveaway! That's right, you can enter to win a $50 Torrid gift card or $30 Sephora eGiftcard!


  1. great finds! love that sweet skirt! i want it too! have a great w/end love!

  2. Thanks for being obsessed with my blog! :)


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