Spingy dress

This past weekend I was out of town at a conference, and there was a dance. Since i'm a procrastionator I waited to pack until the last minute, I was all stressted out because I had 20 mins to pack and i'm kind of terrible at packing. For some reason I can never put together a coherent outfit when I have to put it all in a suitcase. When it goes straight to by body, it's all good. All I knew is that I wanted to wear this new dress from Superstore, so I grabbed this black borello (my standby for sleeveless dresses) from Torrid and hoped for the best. 
I think I did ok. 


Dress: Joe (via Superstore)
Belt: Value Village
Sandals: Shoe Wearhouse

I totally felt the outfit was completed with this sunflower in my hair. While getting ready with friends, I was lamenting that something was missing, and that I needed something to the side of my head; and asked if anyone had any accessories. Luckily one of my friends had this flower she stole from her mom's craft room in her bag. 

Sorry the photos suck, they were nabbed off my friends facebook! 


I don't know why this photo is wonky. The sweater is striped, it just doesn't look like it. 

Threw this on today after work when I was going out. When I woke up this morning there was a cool, crisp, fresh air filtering into my room from the rain outside. It was a welcome change. We've had great weather lately, and since my bedroom window faces east lately I get woken up by the sun beating down on me and my room feels hotter then a sauna and i'm sweating like crazy and I think i've died in my sleep and gone straight to hell, because hell is full of fire and so is my room at 8am. It's hot. Literally. 
But the cool air and lovely fresh rain smell came with one draw back. Rain. I should be used to it by now since i've lived in the pacific north west for two years now, but i'm not. I stupidly walked to work today in a not a rain jacket with no umbrella. Even though i've got tons of windows in my apt to clue me into the fact that it's raining outside. I'm crazy. 

ANYWAYS. After work it was beautiful out! Sunny and warm again. A bit humid of course, so I wanted out of my gross hot work clothes, so I threw on this dress from Old Navy. (Which also works great as a skirt!) I got it a few months back for only $9! I also got it in black because it's so versatile and comfortable! The belt is a find from Value Village yesterday, in honor of the %50 off sale they were having. It was only $1.50! I also found some amazing vintage dresses I can't wait to wear. But that will be for another post. 

Sweater: Old Navy (like, 4 years ago!)
Dress: Old Navy, two months ago
Belt: Value Village
Sandals: The Shoe Factory

Any Gleeks out there? How AMAZING was tonights episode? But then again I say that every week....
I live for Tuesdays.


New look, old scarf.

I totally unintentionally posed this in front of my floral couch today...

Today I decided to break out my new pair of oxford heels I recently found at Zellers, for only $20! Sure the quality is lacking, but they are cute and I have been lusting after a pair of oxfords for months! I was so excited to finally find a pair! It was simply meant to be, they were the last pair and just happened to be my size.

But when I tried to figure out what to wear them with, everything felt too dark and wintery. I wanted some light colours. Some florals to offset the hints of masculine the shoes give. But I don't have any cute tops that are light and floraly. But I do have a scarf. So I wore it as a scarf, as I had done before.

I love how well it happened to pair with my jacket!

But today wearing it as a scarf over my white t-shirt just didn't work. So I tied it every which way I could think of. Still nothing. Until I wrapped it around me, and tucked it in my skirt.
Finally I found exactly what I was looking for. The perfect soft, feminine, pop of colour to my outfit. I had initially just tied it but then decided to use safety pins for more security. This also allowed me to showcase it better in the back, by overlaying the corners:

I love, love, love, this look. I felt super cute and chic and cleaver for figuring out a new way to wear my lovely, lovely, scarf. 

And here's a close up since the colours and pattern are what I love so much about this scarf. (And the raspberries!) I also made the necklace. ;) (I'm thinking of re-working it though...)

Scarf (shirt): Value Village
Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Addition Elle
Heels: Zellers
Necklace: by me

This outfit also just happens to coincide with Have A Cute Day's floral week. 
Check it out!


I'm totally wearing capris, and not a pencil skirt. The illusion is all thanks to my awkward posing. 

Shirt & Capris: Additon Elle
Necklace: ?

I blame the awkward posing on the hair. I wasn't totally feeling the milkmaid braids on me. I like them in theroy, but I feel like it makes my head look small and the rest of me look bigger. It's crazy, I know. So I usually only wear them around the house when baking or cleaning or crafting and I need my hair off my head. I just needed to get my crazy hair under control. My last haircut was in December and my last dye job was February! Needless to say my hair is a hot mess right now. Such is the life of an unemployed student...

So, onto the clothes....this outfit was born of comfort, which is why i'm wearing chucks instead of cute flats or sandals, as I spent my day in it enjoying a long walk to a nearby park. Then I treated myself to a soy strawberries and cream frappuccino for happy hour on the way home. I love summer. 


Tank: Superstore
Cardigan: Plenty
Skort: Addition Elle
Flats: Payless

Skorts. A skirt with built in shorts. I love 'em. I used to wear them all the time as a little girl. Which made me think they were only made for girls for a while, until I found this skort a few years back at addition elle.

I love skorts because they give the lovely look of a skirt with the added comfort of shorts. This skort is one of my favorites to wear in the summer. The blue goes with most of my wardrobe, and it's insanely comfortable.
It features some of my favorite features for a skirt. High waist? Check. Pockets? Check. And what's that, built in shorts? This is love.


I recently stopped by Zellers. I hadn't been there in ages, but my entire life we went to Zellers at least once a week. It's just my mom's store. Since moving out, I've been in a Zellers maybe once. But my mom suggested I go there to look for patio furniture there. So I did. And I didn't quite make it to the patio furniture isle. I got a little distracted. Can you guess what caught my attention?
Of course, it was clothes. Especially this denim tunic/dress. I've been longing for one exactly like this for months now. And since it was buy one get one 1/2 off, I just had to get it in black, too....
Ah well. This dress is so versatile I figure i'll get my money's worth. It's also so incredibly comfortable. But then again I love dresses and skirts and hate being in pants. Totally worth yet another charge to my credit card which I have no way of paying. Right? I like to think so.  I also got a beautiful rosette t-shirt and some super cute oxford heels.

Dress: Zellers
Leggings: Addition Elle

Wore this out to run errands today, so I decided to be smart and wear my chucks. Even though a pair of wedges were begging to be worn....at least my feet are happy.

I also managed the headband braids today, which I was super proud of. So here's a close up since you totally can't tell in the body shot. 


Rosette Necklace part two

Ignore the awkward pose, I had about 4 hours of sleep the past 3 days due to an intense volunteering commitment! 

dress & shirt: gap
shoes: payless
necklace: me!

Another necklace! I decided to go for more of a statement piece with this one, and used a few more rosettes this time. I paired it with the most versatile and comfortable dress I own, and my favorite pair of heels for a cute sunday outfit.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Minus the glue peeking out of some of the flowers. Oh well, it's only my second one! 
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