I don't know why this photo is wonky. The sweater is striped, it just doesn't look like it. 

Threw this on today after work when I was going out. When I woke up this morning there was a cool, crisp, fresh air filtering into my room from the rain outside. It was a welcome change. We've had great weather lately, and since my bedroom window faces east lately I get woken up by the sun beating down on me and my room feels hotter then a sauna and i'm sweating like crazy and I think i've died in my sleep and gone straight to hell, because hell is full of fire and so is my room at 8am. It's hot. Literally. 
But the cool air and lovely fresh rain smell came with one draw back. Rain. I should be used to it by now since i've lived in the pacific north west for two years now, but i'm not. I stupidly walked to work today in a not a rain jacket with no umbrella. Even though i've got tons of windows in my apt to clue me into the fact that it's raining outside. I'm crazy. 

ANYWAYS. After work it was beautiful out! Sunny and warm again. A bit humid of course, so I wanted out of my gross hot work clothes, so I threw on this dress from Old Navy. (Which also works great as a skirt!) I got it a few months back for only $9! I also got it in black because it's so versatile and comfortable! The belt is a find from Value Village yesterday, in honor of the %50 off sale they were having. It was only $1.50! I also found some amazing vintage dresses I can't wait to wear. But that will be for another post. 

Sweater: Old Navy (like, 4 years ago!)
Dress: Old Navy, two months ago
Belt: Value Village
Sandals: The Shoe Factory

Any Gleeks out there? How AMAZING was tonights episode? But then again I say that every week....
I live for Tuesdays.


  1. Cute dress.
    I can never find cool belts from ON. :(

  2. I know what you mean about photos and stripes... I have the same problem sometimes... super cute outfit... I just bought some shoes and dresses from ON... they are slowing drawing me in..

  3. I just found your blog and became a follower. Please come over and check out mine, maybe you would consider following?

    Always Summer

    Ps. My husband is from Calgary.

  4. love this outfit and i love how u wore sandals with it ... supa chic yet comfy! love!


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