I'm totally wearing capris, and not a pencil skirt. The illusion is all thanks to my awkward posing. 

Shirt & Capris: Additon Elle
Necklace: ?

I blame the awkward posing on the hair. I wasn't totally feeling the milkmaid braids on me. I like them in theroy, but I feel like it makes my head look small and the rest of me look bigger. It's crazy, I know. So I usually only wear them around the house when baking or cleaning or crafting and I need my hair off my head. I just needed to get my crazy hair under control. My last haircut was in December and my last dye job was February! Needless to say my hair is a hot mess right now. Such is the life of an unemployed student...

So, onto the clothes....this outfit was born of comfort, which is why i'm wearing chucks instead of cute flats or sandals, as I spent my day in it enjoying a long walk to a nearby park. Then I treated myself to a soy strawberries and cream frappuccino for happy hour on the way home. I love summer. 

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