Rosette Necklace part two

Ignore the awkward pose, I had about 4 hours of sleep the past 3 days due to an intense volunteering commitment! 

dress & shirt: gap
shoes: payless
necklace: me!

Another necklace! I decided to go for more of a statement piece with this one, and used a few more rosettes this time. I paired it with the most versatile and comfortable dress I own, and my favorite pair of heels for a cute sunday outfit.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Minus the glue peeking out of some of the flowers. Oh well, it's only my second one! 


  1. this necklace is awesome girl! u should totally start an etsy store! and those pumps are love!

  2. Thank you! And since you brought it up...an etsy shop is actually in the works! I'm working on a few more designs and then i'll open it up. :)


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