Spingy dress

This past weekend I was out of town at a conference, and there was a dance. Since i'm a procrastionator I waited to pack until the last minute, I was all stressted out because I had 20 mins to pack and i'm kind of terrible at packing. For some reason I can never put together a coherent outfit when I have to put it all in a suitcase. When it goes straight to by body, it's all good. All I knew is that I wanted to wear this new dress from Superstore, so I grabbed this black borello (my standby for sleeveless dresses) from Torrid and hoped for the best. 
I think I did ok. 


Dress: Joe (via Superstore)
Belt: Value Village
Sandals: Shoe Wearhouse

I totally felt the outfit was completed with this sunflower in my hair. While getting ready with friends, I was lamenting that something was missing, and that I needed something to the side of my head; and asked if anyone had any accessories. Luckily one of my friends had this flower she stole from her mom's craft room in her bag. 

Sorry the photos suck, they were nabbed off my friends facebook! 


  1. your dress looks really cute on you. I have a similar bolero that I bought years ago at Target and wear with almost every sleeveless dress. It's good to have those go-to items though.

  2. the bolero is so cute! this color was made for you hun!


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