This pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now.
If you haven't seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, her expression of bewilderment here is valid. 

If you have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, you may recall the scene early on in the movie where Rebecca spots this green scarf, and simply has to have it. 
One of the many reasons I loved this movie is because I could relate to it. Though I am not as bad as Rebecca, I may sort of be at risk of being a borderline shopaholic. 

Clearly i'm not so good at implementing lessons from movies into my own life.

Case in point, as follows.

 I just found this amazingly ADORABLE dress from anthro.

 And what's that? It comes in a size 14? And it's my colour? (I adore navy.) And it's a perfect vintage style? It's got sleeves so I don't have to layer a shirt under it or wear a cardigan over it? 
And that print!!!! The bicycles!!! I am hardcore in love love love with this dress. So perfect for riding around on a sunny day on my gorgeous cruiser. 

I am losing it. Part of me is saying 
"You've got room on your credit card, go for it."

The other part of me is saying:
"Yes, just enough room that buying this adorable dress will once again max out your credit card yet again. You don't want that again. You just got it down."

Then the first part says:

The other, says:

Then the first voice points out I have a job now.

The second voice points out I get minimum wage and part time hours and I live in the most expensive city in Canada. And that DEBT IS BAD. Debt which I need to use my upcoming paychecks to take care of. Oh, and those student loans I have from film school need tending to. 

But then, I look at this dress. And I think of all the ways I can wear it. (5 ways just off the top of my head right now.) Which would make it a good investment...

I'm going to go to sleep now. So far no purchases have been made....
We'll see what happens tomorrow...


  1. Ooh, it is adorable. Being from Anthropology it probably ain't cheap though. I love their stuff, but I think I'm almost glad I don't fit into most of it. The world is a safer place that way.

  2. It's too cute but I wouldn't want to influence your inner argument lmao

  3. This dress is lovely...but you'll know best. Just found your blog, great!

    S x

  4. Love the dress. And I have that same argument daily. To the point that my husband watches that movie with the side-eye looking at me. I'm awful. I know.

  5. I almost bought that dress, but I have tons of cute dress, great taste :)


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