More cute things from target! Haha. I totally did'nt put it together that both my top and skirt are from Target until the day was over! Is that a bit of a faux pas? Wearing everything from the same store? I'm sure I do it all the time with old navy, too. Especially when it comes to work clothes. Oh well. I really don't care because I felt adorable.

I have been yearning for a lace piece all spring, I just never found that right item, until I went down to Washington and stopped in  to Target. I love that it's lace and it's flowy and great for summer. It came in black as well, but the cream is more summery. I don't have a cream shirt though, and in some lights the cream and white really clashed, while it looked fine in others. 
Exhibit a:
 Exhibit b:

These are the best outfit shots I can piece together from the day. My dad was in town and so I took him to the beach and Stanley Park, then to 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' that was playing in the park. I was obsessed with that movie when it came out and my dad loves musicals, especially Joseph. I'd rather not admit how many times I have watched the movie on youtube yesterday and today. It's just so campy and catchy and fun. 

Lace top & skirt: Target
t-shirt: Gap
Owl necklace: Claire's
Bag: H&M
Flats: Payless


Cute and cool

Sorry for the crappy photo, I only had my phone with me!

As I mentioned in my previous post, summer has finally hit Vancouver. Now even in the winter, my favorite go-to garment would have to be a dress, (or a skirt). While I can never find pants that fit just right, a dress can be much more forgiving in the fit department. Even if it's not perfect it can still look/feel ok. 
I especially love a good dress in the summer, because it's cooler than wearing shorts and a t-shirt. And it makes me feel cute! I love, love, love a good summer dress. I found this a few days ago while doing some thrifting. Perfect length, great colour, and it even has sleeves!, so I don't have to worry about wearing a t-shirt underneath or a cardigan over top. (In the summer, the less layers, the better!!) 
Just throw it on and head to the beach! Which is exactly what I did yesterday, and will be doing all summer. :)

Dress: Thrift
Tank: Old Navy
Sunglasses: London Drugs


Summer style

It's here again.
This past week has been so hot. And I love it! 

Headband: made by me!
White dress: Joe via Superstore
Blue dress: Old Navy
Flats: Payless
Bag: H&M

Weather is weird. All my life I was used to Alberta weather. -40 (C) in the winter, then +40 (C) in the summer. But at least you're prepared enough to know what's coming. I moved out west only knowing that it rains a lot here. Which was fine by me, because I loved rain. (In fact I always felt deprived of it living in Alberta.)

Since moving to Vancouver two years ago, i've learned to deal with another monster all of it's own. Not constant rain, (although that does suck at times and i've learned to deal), but humidity. I moved here in June of '08, and was struck by this sticky, wet, all encompassing thing called humidity. Why won't it go away? Why does it make me sweat out of every pore? Why does the thermomoter only say 27 when it feels like 50?!?!?
But, as with the rain, I have learned to deal with the heat and humidity. Constant fans going, ice cubes across the face, and wearing as little clothing as comfortable is what is needed. Like on Friday. I got home from work and they were working on a powerline by my house which meant no electricity! That means no fans! And it was another hot day. So, having just got back from work (At an air conditioned coffee shop) I went to another air conditioned coffee shop to go hang out for the afternoon until power had been restored. Even though I was on the hunt for a cool place I still wanted to be as cool as possible, leaving me these two dresses. Neither one is really modest enough for me (the blue is a tube dress, the white is a bit short) so I just layered them! It kept me cool and feeling covered all night. Even when I went to the city's night market, an outdoor venue with hundreds of hot bodies all wandering around bumping into each other in the already sweltering heat. I bought a coconut to cool myself off, as I couldn't even think of eating anything. I just needed liquid. The market was awesome though, they had a lot of cute accessories and bags and different crazy cool things. But all I could afford was this coconut. I really need to go back when I have money.


Tell yourself

Top: Reitmans
Skort: Addition Elle
Flip flops: London Drugs
Owl: Michaels

So this is what I wore today. I felt that pull of being kind of uncomfortable and thinking "I can't go out like this, i'm so fat." To "Whatever, I am fat. And i'm cute. I'm going to work with what i've got and rock it." Along with more and more positive self talk.
And I managed to keep this attitude up. As i've been trying to do more and more (especially since starting this blog.) And even though I sometimes have my doubts as I'm leaving my apartment, I try to push past them and put myself out there. Even though when I went out for sushi, I got it to go as I was too afraid to be the fat girl eating alone in a restaurant. Still working on that complex.
The sushi place gave me free salad though. That really made my day.

This song has kind of got me tonight. 

It always does though.



Last weekend I was in Washington for a church conference. While I was there, I decided to take advantage of the awesome shopping there is. Since I live so close to the boarder, folks 'round these parts go on and on  about the great shopping just south on the I-5. While I've always wanted to go check it out, I am a student and up until recently was an unemployed student. So making a road trip just for shopping isn't the greatest idea. But stopping on the way to something else? Totally justified. I only had time to check out Target (and a thirft store, more on that later.) And i'm in love with my finds. I've been searching for a dress with this blue/white pinstripe for so long! I was super psyched to find it. I also grabbed this cute mustard cardigan because a girl can never have too many cardigans, and I don't have a yellow one yet. I also got a few more cute things I'm planning on wearing this week. 

And I didn't realize it until just now, but i'm wearing an outfit pretty much all from Target, from the USofA on Independence day! Haha. So I guess it works? I'm such a bad Canadain. Where was my Canada day post? Exactly. 

Sorry for the funky photos. My camera and my face were both not co-operating this morning. 

Cardigan & Dress: Target
Cami: Old Navy
Shoes: Winners
Necklace: Icing


'Sup, popeye?!  When I smile my left eye always gets squinty. For some reason it was really bad today. I get it from my dad. We've pretty much got the same face. So we can blame him. 

Today I had an early shift (6:45am) and while I've done much much earlier shifts (try 4 am!) I was still soooo tired all day. Espresso can only do so much. Especially when you don't actually drink coffee and are cheating by drinking only one shot of the good stuff. 

Anyways. An early shift allowed me an afternoon all to myself, which is why I love working mornings. You get off work and you've got the whole day ahead of you. All this possibility.
I don't usually take advantage of this freedom, as I spend most of my afternoons on the computer, but still, it's nice to have. 

And even though i'm not really doing anything (other then contemplating a bike ride) I just wanted to wear something nice instead of my boring work clothes.  So I threw on a dress and went from there. 

A turquoise belt with a turquoise dress? Yep. I went there. And I like it. It adds a nice bit of texture without  being too drastic.

I love turquoise. This blog is what my happy thoughts are made of. 

Dress: Superstore - "Joe" Line
Shirt-  Gap
Necklace- ?
Shoes- Urban Planet
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