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Sorry for the crappy photo, I only had my phone with me!

As I mentioned in my previous post, summer has finally hit Vancouver. Now even in the winter, my favorite go-to garment would have to be a dress, (or a skirt). While I can never find pants that fit just right, a dress can be much more forgiving in the fit department. Even if it's not perfect it can still look/feel ok. 
I especially love a good dress in the summer, because it's cooler than wearing shorts and a t-shirt. And it makes me feel cute! I love, love, love a good summer dress. I found this a few days ago while doing some thrifting. Perfect length, great colour, and it even has sleeves!, so I don't have to worry about wearing a t-shirt underneath or a cardigan over top. (In the summer, the less layers, the better!!) 
Just throw it on and head to the beach! Which is exactly what I did yesterday, and will be doing all summer. :)

Dress: Thrift
Tank: Old Navy
Sunglasses: London Drugs


  1. Cute dress! I love dresses with sleeves. The beach looks great too, which beach is it?

  2. Logs on the beach! Thats what I miss about Vancouver. Cute dress for the summertime.

  3. I am the same way - I refuse to wear pants/shorts in the summer. I like a little breeze between my legs when it's 100 degrees out!!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Sonia - That's English Bay, downtown.


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