More cute things from target! Haha. I totally did'nt put it together that both my top and skirt are from Target until the day was over! Is that a bit of a faux pas? Wearing everything from the same store? I'm sure I do it all the time with old navy, too. Especially when it comes to work clothes. Oh well. I really don't care because I felt adorable.

I have been yearning for a lace piece all spring, I just never found that right item, until I went down to Washington and stopped in  to Target. I love that it's lace and it's flowy and great for summer. It came in black as well, but the cream is more summery. I don't have a cream shirt though, and in some lights the cream and white really clashed, while it looked fine in others. 
Exhibit a:
 Exhibit b:

These are the best outfit shots I can piece together from the day. My dad was in town and so I took him to the beach and Stanley Park, then to 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' that was playing in the park. I was obsessed with that movie when it came out and my dad loves musicals, especially Joseph. I'd rather not admit how many times I have watched the movie on youtube yesterday and today. It's just so campy and catchy and fun. 

Lace top & skirt: Target
t-shirt: Gap
Owl necklace: Claire's
Bag: H&M
Flats: Payless


  1. Hi Erin, Did you just get this top at Target? Because I love it.

  2. I got it almost a month ago, maybe they still have it? Not sure what the turn around is like there as i've only been the once. It's great though!

  3. That pic. of you w/ the blue flowers is so pretty!


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