Summer style

It's here again.
This past week has been so hot. And I love it! 

Headband: made by me!
White dress: Joe via Superstore
Blue dress: Old Navy
Flats: Payless
Bag: H&M

Weather is weird. All my life I was used to Alberta weather. -40 (C) in the winter, then +40 (C) in the summer. But at least you're prepared enough to know what's coming. I moved out west only knowing that it rains a lot here. Which was fine by me, because I loved rain. (In fact I always felt deprived of it living in Alberta.)

Since moving to Vancouver two years ago, i've learned to deal with another monster all of it's own. Not constant rain, (although that does suck at times and i've learned to deal), but humidity. I moved here in June of '08, and was struck by this sticky, wet, all encompassing thing called humidity. Why won't it go away? Why does it make me sweat out of every pore? Why does the thermomoter only say 27 when it feels like 50?!?!?
But, as with the rain, I have learned to deal with the heat and humidity. Constant fans going, ice cubes across the face, and wearing as little clothing as comfortable is what is needed. Like on Friday. I got home from work and they were working on a powerline by my house which meant no electricity! That means no fans! And it was another hot day. So, having just got back from work (At an air conditioned coffee shop) I went to another air conditioned coffee shop to go hang out for the afternoon until power had been restored. Even though I was on the hunt for a cool place I still wanted to be as cool as possible, leaving me these two dresses. Neither one is really modest enough for me (the blue is a tube dress, the white is a bit short) so I just layered them! It kept me cool and feeling covered all night. Even when I went to the city's night market, an outdoor venue with hundreds of hot bodies all wandering around bumping into each other in the already sweltering heat. I bought a coconut to cool myself off, as I couldn't even think of eating anything. I just needed liquid. The market was awesome though, they had a lot of cute accessories and bags and different crazy cool things. But all I could afford was this coconut. I really need to go back when I have money.

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