Last weekend I was in Washington for a church conference. While I was there, I decided to take advantage of the awesome shopping there is. Since I live so close to the boarder, folks 'round these parts go on and on  about the great shopping just south on the I-5. While I've always wanted to go check it out, I am a student and up until recently was an unemployed student. So making a road trip just for shopping isn't the greatest idea. But stopping on the way to something else? Totally justified. I only had time to check out Target (and a thirft store, more on that later.) And i'm in love with my finds. I've been searching for a dress with this blue/white pinstripe for so long! I was super psyched to find it. I also grabbed this cute mustard cardigan because a girl can never have too many cardigans, and I don't have a yellow one yet. I also got a few more cute things I'm planning on wearing this week. 

And I didn't realize it until just now, but i'm wearing an outfit pretty much all from Target, from the USofA on Independence day! Haha. So I guess it works? I'm such a bad Canadain. Where was my Canada day post? Exactly. 

Sorry for the funky photos. My camera and my face were both not co-operating this morning. 

Cardigan & Dress: Target
Cami: Old Navy
Shoes: Winners
Necklace: Icing


  1. So pretty, I love the colours.

  2. Beautiful, I love the mustard yellow and those shoes look fabulous with the dress.

  3. Loving this look-it's very Regina Spektor ;-)



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