Tell yourself

Top: Reitmans
Skort: Addition Elle
Flip flops: London Drugs
Owl: Michaels

So this is what I wore today. I felt that pull of being kind of uncomfortable and thinking "I can't go out like this, i'm so fat." To "Whatever, I am fat. And i'm cute. I'm going to work with what i've got and rock it." Along with more and more positive self talk.
And I managed to keep this attitude up. As i've been trying to do more and more (especially since starting this blog.) And even though I sometimes have my doubts as I'm leaving my apartment, I try to push past them and put myself out there. Even though when I went out for sushi, I got it to go as I was too afraid to be the fat girl eating alone in a restaurant. Still working on that complex.
The sushi place gave me free salad though. That really made my day.

This song has kind of got me tonight. 

It always does though.


  1. I for one think you look great. It's a simple outfit with all the right pieces.

    It took me a while to be able to eat alone too. The first time I was very uncomfortable and thought everyone was staring at me. But now I'm much more relaxed and I just enjoy my food.

  2. i love the plaid with the skirt erin! ure adorable!


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