'Sup, popeye?!  When I smile my left eye always gets squinty. For some reason it was really bad today. I get it from my dad. We've pretty much got the same face. So we can blame him. 

Today I had an early shift (6:45am) and while I've done much much earlier shifts (try 4 am!) I was still soooo tired all day. Espresso can only do so much. Especially when you don't actually drink coffee and are cheating by drinking only one shot of the good stuff. 

Anyways. An early shift allowed me an afternoon all to myself, which is why I love working mornings. You get off work and you've got the whole day ahead of you. All this possibility.
I don't usually take advantage of this freedom, as I spend most of my afternoons on the computer, but still, it's nice to have. 

And even though i'm not really doing anything (other then contemplating a bike ride) I just wanted to wear something nice instead of my boring work clothes.  So I threw on a dress and went from there. 

A turquoise belt with a turquoise dress? Yep. I went there. And I like it. It adds a nice bit of texture without  being too drastic.

I love turquoise. This blog is what my happy thoughts are made of. 

Dress: Superstore - "Joe" Line
Shirt-  Gap
Necklace- ?
Shoes- Urban Planet

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