To post, or not to post? That is the question...

What is worse? A post with horrible photos, or no post at all? I find myself torn between these options when i've got an outfit i'm lovin, but i'm stuck with photos that make my eyes sad. 
Such is the case with Sunday's outfit. I loved it, but had no time to snap photos since I had an appointment before church, then a potluck, and movie in the park after church; after which I (foolishly) offered to drive my friend who was in town back to her hotel in a different city, two hours away. Because I'm such a good friend. A foolish one though, since I had to work at 7:30 the next morning and I got home at 1am. 

So needless to say there was no re-taking of the outfit photos once I stumbled through the door at 1am then imedietely passed out on my bed. So this is all i've got!

I snapped this right before heading out the door in the morning. For some reason one of my legs disappeared in the pic (I guess one was just hiding behind the other one?) and I look a bit like a one legged pirate. So I just went ahead and cropped it out. I wore these heels, for reference. 

I was excited about this outfit because while I bought this shirt in grade 10 or 11 (around 5 years ago!), I had never worn it before. I always felt like it was too short and emphasized my fat rolls too much, and that fear always got the best of me. Then it hit me to wear it tucked in, and voila! I finally found a way to wear my shirt. Later I changed later into my new favorite jeans, and realized it really doesn't look so bad with pants either, and now I'm no longer afraid to wear this shirt, which I do love. 

Shirt: Winners
Skirt: Addition Elle
Necklace: Icing
(heels are payless)


Since all I wore today was my work uniform, here's what I wore yesterday!
It was chilly and rainy after I woke up from a much deserved nap, having worked until 10:30 Thursday night then opening at another store at 5:30 the next morning. It was a rough day, and as it was pay day I went out for an afternoon of retail therapy with a friend. Since it was so chilly and cloudy I was a little bit happy to wear this new cardigan I found on sale at Gap. It's still a bright, fun colour and it's light enough to wear when it's not cold enough for ajacket,  but it's deffinetly chilly. 

It also went perfectly with this scarf I bought at value village a while back.  I opted to wear it turban style, ala What I Wore

The only way i've ever played with it before is as a hippy head band, with a little knot in the front. I really like it and will wear it around the house, but I'm still not sure about wearing it out. 

I think it's because I sent a pic of it this way to my sister, and my dad saw it then said I look like I could work in a sushi joint. But with a blazer, jeans a t-shirt and some flats it could be cute, no? Why should I even listen to my father for fashion advice anyways?!

I really need to wear this more often though, I am in love with the colours and the print! 

scarf: trift - Value Village
cardigan: Gap
jeans: Old Navy
camisole: Smart Set
bracelet: Sears
necklace: Claire's


Swim Suit Up!

I know summer is pretty much over (I can't believe I start school again in two weeks!) But I figure this is better late than never. Especially since didn't actually get to wear this suit out until last week. 

I had to get a new suit this year, so I splurged and got this adorable retro style suit from always for me.  At first when I recieved it I wasn't totally sure about my purchase. The top covered me, but kept riding up and I'm a modest gal who likes things to stay in place. I wanted to be able to move in my suit, so I ended up taking it home with me and got my super seamstress mother to sew the pieces together, greatly improving the fit and movability. (I'm 5'9 for reference.) But I still wasn't totally sold on the fit. I felt like it emphasized my large stomach too much. I was used to wearing tighter fitting suits that almost acted as shapewear, smoothing and concealing the mounds of fat within. I've been getting better at accepting this, and i've been working on my body confidence especially since starting this blog. So far I have been able to push outside my comfort zone with clothes and certain styles, but with a swim suit it took a little more courage. So with that in mind I decided to embrace the suit and my body in it. And i'm glad I did. I wore it out to the beach last week and only got a few "Why is she wearing that?" kind of looks. Most people didn't seem to have a problem though, to my great relief. 
What really matters though is that I feel great in it! I've been yearning for a suit in this exact style and colour for years, and i'm glad I finally got it. I'm in love with this suit. The only thing I wish is that it would be a bit more fitted, it still feels loose on me. But the smallest size available is a 16, which is what i've got.  If you need a new suit for next year, apparently it's on sale now! I highly recommend it.   

IMG_3346 IMG_3366


Maxi dresses are a huge trend this year, but I actually got this one two years ago. (For only $14!) I was worried at the time that it would go out of style quickly, and i'd only get to wear it that one season, but it's been a nice standby for me ever since. 
It also happens to be the most comfortable thing in the world. Better than pajamas. And so much more stylish. It's also a great way to hide sunburned hairy legs from that time you fell asleep on the beach without wearing sunscreen when your skin hurts too much to shave. At least i'll get a tan!

I almost always forget accessory shots, but I was too excited about my bows not to take shots. 

Dress: Gap
Tank: Smart Set
Owl Pendant: Michael's
Bow: H&M
Flats: Payless
Bracelet: can't remember


Just a quick little update. I've been host to my younger sister the past few days, she is here visiting me and we have been having all sorts of fun. Not a lot of computer time though. I have been putting her to work (much to her chagrin) by forcing her into being my photographer for outfit photos. She hates it but I have some lovely posts coming up if I do say so myself. 

I wore this to an afternoon screening of Eat, Pray, Love on a rainy day. As much as I don't want the rain to be back already, I was glad it gave me a chance to wear these new jeans I bought from Old Navy recently, for only $19! They are the most comfortable and best fitting pair of jeans i've found in a long time. I highly, highly recommend. 
Luckily the weather had cleared up by the time the movie was out. Much nicer for forced photo-ops. :)

Jeans: Old Navy "The Sweetheart" in 16 Regular.
 Lace Top: Target
Shirt: Gap
Flip Flops: London Drugs
Hair band: Made by me. :)


I was recently back home in Alberta. One of the few things I like about Alberta is less sales tax than here in B.C.. I also don't mind having parents there that felt like buying me new clothes while I was there. 

I mostly got fall items, and some summer items that would work best layering. I also was an idiot while packing and only packed shorts and a bunch of shirts in my carry on for my trip. This didn't bode well when I needed something nice to wear to church on Sunday. Even though I did get two dresses, I needed more items (that I didn't have with me) to finish them. So I raided my sister's closet (who is much smaller than me) and my mother's closet (who is bigger then me) to try and find something. I ended up borrowing this black skirt from mom, even though it is a bit big. That's the nice thing about church. You just sit for three hours. 

Possibly my favorite new item would be this necklace. I've been in love with rosette necklaces, and have even started making my own. It's nice to buy things sometimes though, too. It was on sale for only $10!

Shirt & cami: Old Navy
Necklace: Laura
Skirt & shoes: Mom. ;)



Dear blog,

Sorry i've been so distant lately. I have severely been lacking in the interesting outfits as of late. I'm either in my work uniform or in my summer uniform, which consists of shorts, denim cut offs, this dress, or this skort with alternating shirts thrown into the mix. It's hot and i'm bored with my summer wardrobe and can't afford to go shopping. 

Not to say that I haven't been enjoying summer. I have immensely, I just haven't been the most stylish at all times. At least, I haven't been documenting it very well when I am stylish. I did however get some pictures of what could be the highlight of my summer, fruit picking. I spent this past weekend in the okanagan where there is a bounty of delicious fruits through out the valley. I'm so glad I made it there just as my favorite fruit, peaches were starting their season. I got to pick peaches and cherries. A fun and delicious way to spend a summer day! 

(Yes, that would be cherry juice all over my face and neck and shirt. Things can get a little messy and a little crazy at times!
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