I was recently back home in Alberta. One of the few things I like about Alberta is less sales tax than here in B.C.. I also don't mind having parents there that felt like buying me new clothes while I was there. 

I mostly got fall items, and some summer items that would work best layering. I also was an idiot while packing and only packed shorts and a bunch of shirts in my carry on for my trip. This didn't bode well when I needed something nice to wear to church on Sunday. Even though I did get two dresses, I needed more items (that I didn't have with me) to finish them. So I raided my sister's closet (who is much smaller than me) and my mother's closet (who is bigger then me) to try and find something. I ended up borrowing this black skirt from mom, even though it is a bit big. That's the nice thing about church. You just sit for three hours. 

Possibly my favorite new item would be this necklace. I've been in love with rosette necklaces, and have even started making my own. It's nice to buy things sometimes though, too. It was on sale for only $10!

Shirt & cami: Old Navy
Necklace: Laura
Skirt & shoes: Mom. ;)


  1. You look gorgeous, I love that necklace. and yay! Alberta! :)


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