Maxi dresses are a huge trend this year, but I actually got this one two years ago. (For only $14!) I was worried at the time that it would go out of style quickly, and i'd only get to wear it that one season, but it's been a nice standby for me ever since. 
It also happens to be the most comfortable thing in the world. Better than pajamas. And so much more stylish. It's also a great way to hide sunburned hairy legs from that time you fell asleep on the beach without wearing sunscreen when your skin hurts too much to shave. At least i'll get a tan!

I almost always forget accessory shots, but I was too excited about my bows not to take shots. 

Dress: Gap
Tank: Smart Set
Owl Pendant: Michael's
Bow: H&M
Flats: Payless
Bracelet: can't remember


  1. I haven't yet ventured into maxi dresses, but I absolutely love yours. Purple is perfect for it!
    It's so cool you got yours before they were a trend, it kind of makes you feel like a trendsetter, right?! haha

  2. Thanks! I'd highly recommend them. If for nothing else than comfort!
    haha, It's so true. ;)

  3. trop mignonne les balerines ;O)



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