Since all I wore today was my work uniform, here's what I wore yesterday!
It was chilly and rainy after I woke up from a much deserved nap, having worked until 10:30 Thursday night then opening at another store at 5:30 the next morning. It was a rough day, and as it was pay day I went out for an afternoon of retail therapy with a friend. Since it was so chilly and cloudy I was a little bit happy to wear this new cardigan I found on sale at Gap. It's still a bright, fun colour and it's light enough to wear when it's not cold enough for ajacket,  but it's deffinetly chilly. 

It also went perfectly with this scarf I bought at value village a while back.  I opted to wear it turban style, ala What I Wore

The only way i've ever played with it before is as a hippy head band, with a little knot in the front. I really like it and will wear it around the house, but I'm still not sure about wearing it out. 

I think it's because I sent a pic of it this way to my sister, and my dad saw it then said I look like I could work in a sushi joint. But with a blazer, jeans a t-shirt and some flats it could be cute, no? Why should I even listen to my father for fashion advice anyways?!

I really need to wear this more often though, I am in love with the colours and the print! 

scarf: trift - Value Village
cardigan: Gap
jeans: Old Navy
camisole: Smart Set
bracelet: Sears
necklace: Claire's


  1. Wearing the scarf hippie-style isn't my thing, but it looks cute on you - and the colors really emphasize your eyes!

  2. the hippie headband is totally cute! Don't listen to Dad lol


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