Dear blog,

Sorry i've been so distant lately. I have severely been lacking in the interesting outfits as of late. I'm either in my work uniform or in my summer uniform, which consists of shorts, denim cut offs, this dress, or this skort with alternating shirts thrown into the mix. It's hot and i'm bored with my summer wardrobe and can't afford to go shopping. 

Not to say that I haven't been enjoying summer. I have immensely, I just haven't been the most stylish at all times. At least, I haven't been documenting it very well when I am stylish. I did however get some pictures of what could be the highlight of my summer, fruit picking. I spent this past weekend in the okanagan where there is a bounty of delicious fruits through out the valley. I'm so glad I made it there just as my favorite fruit, peaches were starting their season. I got to pick peaches and cherries. A fun and delicious way to spend a summer day! 

(Yes, that would be cherry juice all over my face and neck and shirt. Things can get a little messy and a little crazy at times!

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