Swim Suit Up!

I know summer is pretty much over (I can't believe I start school again in two weeks!) But I figure this is better late than never. Especially since didn't actually get to wear this suit out until last week. 

I had to get a new suit this year, so I splurged and got this adorable retro style suit from always for me.  At first when I recieved it I wasn't totally sure about my purchase. The top covered me, but kept riding up and I'm a modest gal who likes things to stay in place. I wanted to be able to move in my suit, so I ended up taking it home with me and got my super seamstress mother to sew the pieces together, greatly improving the fit and movability. (I'm 5'9 for reference.) But I still wasn't totally sold on the fit. I felt like it emphasized my large stomach too much. I was used to wearing tighter fitting suits that almost acted as shapewear, smoothing and concealing the mounds of fat within. I've been getting better at accepting this, and i've been working on my body confidence especially since starting this blog. So far I have been able to push outside my comfort zone with clothes and certain styles, but with a swim suit it took a little more courage. So with that in mind I decided to embrace the suit and my body in it. And i'm glad I did. I wore it out to the beach last week and only got a few "Why is she wearing that?" kind of looks. Most people didn't seem to have a problem though, to my great relief. 
What really matters though is that I feel great in it! I've been yearning for a suit in this exact style and colour for years, and i'm glad I finally got it. I'm in love with this suit. The only thing I wish is that it would be a bit more fitted, it still feels loose on me. But the smallest size available is a 16, which is what i've got.  If you need a new suit for next year, apparently it's on sale now! I highly recommend it.   

IMG_3346 IMG_3366


  1. That last pic of you looks like a postcard! love the red.

  2. Very retro-cute... especially in the red! Man, I miss Vancouver - is that Spanish Banks?

  3. tu es magnifique !


  4. Wow, that swimsuit fits you really well. ♥ You're pretty :)


  5. Thanks everyone!
    lazystitching- that's Locarno, right beside Spanish Banks. :)

  6. Love the bold red! The swimsuit really suits you! =D I especially love the last photo shoot.

    xo Mavy


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