If the dress fits, wear it.

Yeah, so this is a maternity dress. And I knew it was a maternity dress when I found it. I was in the maternity section of H&M. A while back I stumbled into it without realizing what it was, where I found an amazing pair of shorts that fit me so well. It had a big elastic waistband that contained everything nicely. Once I saw the tag and realized they were maternity I got sheepish and didn't buy them. And have regretted  it ever since. 
Why let labels get you down? I used to see my happiness rise and fall with the size of my clothes tag. When I was small enough to fit into a medium, I'd be estatic. When I don't even fit into an XL at a store, I get depressed. And when maternity clothes fit me better than regular styles, I felt ashamed. 
But in my journey to body acceptance, i've come to realize the number, or label on a tag is no indication of the person within the tag. Plus sizes are always so out of whack anyways. I have two sweaters from gap, one is a small, one is an XXL. They fit the same. I look equally awesome in both of them. So now I just wear what I like, regardless of what it's label says. And I feel a lot better for it. 

Yes, I realize that at 5'9 maybe this dress isn't a dress but rather a tunic instead. And I am well aware (and a supporter) of leggings not being pants. It felt okay wearing this outfit, but seeing this picture makes me think "hmmm, maybe this is a little bit on the short side...." shorter then I usually go, but my leggings are completely opaque, so it's not like I was giving the milk away for free or anything. I don't even drink milk. 

Dress: H&M, Belt: Thrifted, Leggings: Addition Elle


Today's (yesterdays) outfit brought to you by photobooth.

My camera crashed to the ground Sunday morning, so I couldn't get any photos. It seems to be in working condition now though! For whatever reason it just didn't work on sunday. I am just so glad my baby is ok!

(That pile of clothes in the background would be thrifted items that need altering! Oh how I wish I had a sewing machine.)

I put on maybe 10 outfits yesterday before I landed on this. What is up with me lately?
I do like what I came up with though. Can't go wrong with stripes and a high waisted skirt. 
One of my friends told me I looked like Waldo. Apparently it was a compliment.

Top: Reitmans
Skirt: Cotton Ginny
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Payless


Loving the lace

A good exposure would've been somewhere in between these. But I was running out the door as usual in order to get to school on time. Let's just all use our immaginations. 

I realize I have worn this lace top very similarly over the summer. But it felt really different this time. Different enough to warrant posting, at least. While I usually throw this top over a white shirt, the other day I saw someone with a white/black lace top going on, and it struck me- I could totally wear my favorite lace top with a black tank instead of white! I don't know why it didn't occur to me before. Just a little mental fashion block. I hear Donatella Versace gets them all the time. At least that's what I tell myself to feel better on days like today.

I'm so in love with this top. If I only had more money, i'd have more lace. Such is life.


Blazer: Gap, Shirt: Old Navy, Owl: H&M, Shoes & Bag: Payless, Skirt: Cotton Ginny.

Sorry for the horrible photos! Took these at 11pm and my flash sucks! Busy day!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. My day really started out sucking so bad. I slept in, didn't have time to dry my hair, or pick out a cute outfit (just threw on a shirt and jeans), skipped breakfast, (i'm a big believer in breakfast, so when I miss it, it's bad.), drove to school fast as I could but traffic sucked, then I couldn't find parking, then finally I did, and the machine to pay was broken, so i had to find another one, and by then my first class was almost over. So today i missed English and basically drove to school and wasted $6 on parking for nothing. 

But it got better. I had a church event to attend, which required me to dress up a bit. I was short on time so I just thew a skirt over my shirt with a blazer, a trusty owl necklace, and some flats. No thought required, and yet I ended up with such a cute outfit! I love when that happens. It's funny, some outfits I put weeks of thought into, and of course I have times when I haven't thought of anything and try about 100 combinations. Then days like this happen where it just, happens. Haha. Which I appreciated, as I really needed it, as this day was not the best. 

It did end well though, with the season premire of glee!!!  I LOVE that show. Probably a little too much. 
I love it so much, I even did this in anticipation for tonight's premire. 



People always say how you should be yourself. Like yourself is this definite thing. Like a toaster or something

Woke up to another rainy day today. It's nothing uncommon for my city, especially at this time of year. I may be used to it after two years of being here, but it still sucks! 
To combat the crappy weather I threw on this colourful floral dress. Because it's hard not to be happy wearing colours and flowers. And an owl always helps. 

It's a size 12, and the top is a bit tight, so I just leave it unbuttoned. That's a new problem for me. Usually it's the bust area that's too big, not to small! As a plus sized girl I am still barely a B cup. It's an injustice.
I really love this dress, it's one of my favorite recent purchases. I got it at H&M while in Alberta in the summer. I was so pleased to see these dresses start to come back, i've longed for one for years and years now. When I was in high school, family channel aired "My So-Called Life" late at night. I fell in love with it, (It's still regarded as one of my favorites.) and bought it the first second it came out on dvd years later. I used to dream of wearing floral dresses (or any baby doll dress) with doc martens to school. Unfortunately I wasn't cool enough/couldn't find any dresses! I was too afraid to thrift back then. 
So 15 year old me is really excited about this dress. 
Though I still haven't got the doc martens, so I wore my crappy old chucks since flats and rain aren't a great combination. 


I've been in love with this top since I bought it a few months back. It's impossible to tell in these pictures, but it's got rosettes all along the neckline. A friend at church even said to me today "Erin, that shirt is just so you. It's perfect." Which is so true!

For some reason even with a flash they don't show up in photos, so here is a horroribly over exposed (via iphoto) shot to get a better idea of the shirt. 

Even though I bought it months ago, I neve wore it until today because I couldn't find the right skirt for it. Until my last trip to Value Village yeilded this beauty, for only $2.50!! (It was during the 50% off sale.)
I love, love, love, my new skirt. Such a great fit, and length, and the price wasn't bad either!

Shirt: Zellers
Skirt: Thrift
Bag & shoes: Payless


I love scarves for a variety of reasons. They keep my neck warm. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, fabrics, patterns, etc. You can never get bored with scarves. They are also a staple in my favorite season for clothes, fall. That's when the whole keeping my neck warm thing comes in most handy.

Today started out with a bit of a lackluster outfit. Just a t-shirt and jeans with a cardigan. I felt bored with it, even though I was wearing my favorite jeans ever, and one of my favorite new shirts and cardigans. Despite all that pre-existing love it still just needed something. Solution: a scarf.

(If you're wondering why the bracelet vanished, I took it off before I realized I wanted pictures with the cardigan, which I didn't have on since I did'nt wear it home. ;) )

Today I really felt my love of scarves, especially this one in particular, because it jazzed up an other-wise hum drum outfit. It's one of my favorite scarves to begin with, but I got really excited at how great it worked with my new favorite cardigan (it's purple!) and this bracelet. 

This lovely favorite scarf of mine even works great as a top!

shirt and jeans: Old Navy
cardigan: H&M
scarf: Value Village
flats: Payless
bracelet: ?


First day of school today! 
I remember there always being such a big deal about first day back outfits. I can distinctly remember almost all my outfits from grade one (a purple Pocahontas sweat suit with fringe) to my first semester of college last January (blue sweater vest, t-shirt, skinny jeans, and boots.) 

I decided to stick with neutrals again today since I bought this new bag for school. It's the perfect size for a binder and books and my water bottle and a lunch. It's even got a pocket in the front, perfect for easy access to my bus pass. It was only $20 too! It's also brown.
I hate brown. I do not own a thing that is brown, and therefore I have no idea how to wear it. Even as a bag. And yet I couldn't say no to this bag. Plus I thought i'd be nice to get out of my comfort zone and finally try something brown. 
So I thought denim and purple would work. And I rebelled again and wore black leggings. Haha! 
This may be really simple but I liked it. I'm easing into the brown! So i'm still working at it. 

bag: H&M
dress: Zellers
boots: Joneve

In other news, school was great! I think i'll really enjoy all my classes this semester. I love college! (Which is weird considering I hated high school, then went to film school just to avoid the traditional college/university route! Now i'm in college all set to transfer to university in a year or two. It's funny how these things happen. ) 


Forget the rules.

Belted cardigans. Yay, or nay? 

I personally like them, but i've heard some negetive feedback. When my dad saw this picture, he even felt the need to rant on how horrible it looked. "I don't know what you were thinking Erin, that just does not look good at all. Just horrible." Were his words. 

But having spent most of my life disappointing my dad, I ignore his putdowns and just do what I like anyways. So I tried this look out today with a yellow belt (that came with the dress), and texted a picture of it to my sister. She said she'd prefer it without. I felt the yellow wasn't adding enough interest, so I pulled out this studded belt instead. It just so happens to be a remnant from my goth days, a staple in my wardrobe during the most extreme years of disappointing my father. Ha! 

I like that it adds interest and defines my waist. I prefer this dress with a shrug but I did'nt want to wear this dress such a similar way. So I opted for a cardigan in a different colour with a bit more visual interest, though without a belt this outfit still just a little too plain for me. So I belted it because I liked it. And that's really what fashion should be about. Wearing what you like. (In my humble opinion.)
I even broke another rule, wearing black with navy! Gasp! Is that sill even a faux-pau? Either way, It doesn't matter too much to me. I like how I look. :)

Thanks for looking!


my mom's the best.

Did you grow up with a mom who could sew? I did. This resulted in plenty of homemade matching dresses for my sister and I growing up. 
Especially on holidays. Here is a gem from Christmas, circa 95-96.

(That's me on the left, with younger sister Sarah on the right.) 

While I hated being put in these dresses (and always having to match my sister) for a time when I was young, I learned to appreciate the fact that my mom could work a sewing machine. Countless halloween costumes, school plays, and dance recitals all showcased my mothers talent and love with each outfit she  sewed for me. I have fond memories as a girl of accompanying her to the fabric store to pick out patterns and fabrics for my clothes and costumes.  

But she doesn't just make things, she does well to alter them as well. This came in especially handy for a plus size girl with odd proportions. If something fit weird in the waist or was too long, or had to be taken in, or let out, mom could do it. 
I still take advantage of her skills and patience, and brought home a find from Value Village when I went back this summer. A few months ago I had found this mens shirt with blue and white pinstripes. I had been looking for a mens shirt with a nice pattern that could be worked into a dress for months. Originally I thought I could just belt a shirt and get away with it. But It was huge on me (It was a men's 3X) and fit like a large pillowcase, but I knew my mom could do something great with it. So mom and I fervently worked on this dress. And by "My mom and I" I mean, my mom did all the work while I acted as talking mannequin, putting on the shirt and dictating what I wanted to happen. 

Mom at work on my dress with my sister Sarah, crafting. She made me an adorable bracelet, that I really need to showcase here soon!

After a few hours, I had a brand new custom made dress, for only $3! (Not including thread and labour, which might also have to include the 24 hours of labour my mom went through just to bring me into the world. Thanks again, mom!)

Worn today with an adorable butterfly belt thrifted at Value Village. 

I'm IN LOVE with my dress. The fit is wonderful, it's a great length, and the perfect style. I love the stripes, and it has all these cute little details my mom added. It's exactly what i've been looking for all these months! Good things do come to those who wait. ;) 

The buttons on the sleeves might be my favorite part!

Adding some interest on the back. 

I just wish I had got my mom to pass on her skills to me when I still lived at home. It'd be a lot easier if I just knew how to do this all myself. I have all these ideas and i'm always finding things at Value Village that need altering. It's a skill I hope to one day hone myself. Although it is nice to spend time with my mom on these projects. :) 
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