Blazer: Gap, Shirt: Old Navy, Owl: H&M, Shoes & Bag: Payless, Skirt: Cotton Ginny.

Sorry for the horrible photos! Took these at 11pm and my flash sucks! Busy day!

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. My day really started out sucking so bad. I slept in, didn't have time to dry my hair, or pick out a cute outfit (just threw on a shirt and jeans), skipped breakfast, (i'm a big believer in breakfast, so when I miss it, it's bad.), drove to school fast as I could but traffic sucked, then I couldn't find parking, then finally I did, and the machine to pay was broken, so i had to find another one, and by then my first class was almost over. So today i missed English and basically drove to school and wasted $6 on parking for nothing. 

But it got better. I had a church event to attend, which required me to dress up a bit. I was short on time so I just thew a skirt over my shirt with a blazer, a trusty owl necklace, and some flats. No thought required, and yet I ended up with such a cute outfit! I love when that happens. It's funny, some outfits I put weeks of thought into, and of course I have times when I haven't thought of anything and try about 100 combinations. Then days like this happen where it just, happens. Haha. Which I appreciated, as I really needed it, as this day was not the best. 

It did end well though, with the season premire of glee!!!  I LOVE that show. Probably a little too much. 
I love it so much, I even did this in anticipation for tonight's premire. 



  1. I'm a big time Gleek too! I love the show, I'm so excited for this season.

    oh, and of course, I love your look. the blazer looks fab on you.

  2. Haha i do like the Glee 'poster' you made for yourself!

  3. Yay gleeks! Haha. Thanks ladies!


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