First day of school today! 
I remember there always being such a big deal about first day back outfits. I can distinctly remember almost all my outfits from grade one (a purple Pocahontas sweat suit with fringe) to my first semester of college last January (blue sweater vest, t-shirt, skinny jeans, and boots.) 

I decided to stick with neutrals again today since I bought this new bag for school. It's the perfect size for a binder and books and my water bottle and a lunch. It's even got a pocket in the front, perfect for easy access to my bus pass. It was only $20 too! It's also brown.
I hate brown. I do not own a thing that is brown, and therefore I have no idea how to wear it. Even as a bag. And yet I couldn't say no to this bag. Plus I thought i'd be nice to get out of my comfort zone and finally try something brown. 
So I thought denim and purple would work. And I rebelled again and wore black leggings. Haha! 
This may be really simple but I liked it. I'm easing into the brown! So i'm still working at it. 

bag: H&M
dress: Zellers
boots: Joneve

In other news, school was great! I think i'll really enjoy all my classes this semester. I love college! (Which is weird considering I hated high school, then went to film school just to avoid the traditional college/university route! Now i'm in college all set to transfer to university in a year or two. It's funny how these things happen. ) 


  1. Love this look! Comfy and stylish at the same time--a win win!


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