I love scarves for a variety of reasons. They keep my neck warm. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, fabrics, patterns, etc. You can never get bored with scarves. They are also a staple in my favorite season for clothes, fall. That's when the whole keeping my neck warm thing comes in most handy.

Today started out with a bit of a lackluster outfit. Just a t-shirt and jeans with a cardigan. I felt bored with it, even though I was wearing my favorite jeans ever, and one of my favorite new shirts and cardigans. Despite all that pre-existing love it still just needed something. Solution: a scarf.

(If you're wondering why the bracelet vanished, I took it off before I realized I wanted pictures with the cardigan, which I didn't have on since I did'nt wear it home. ;) )

Today I really felt my love of scarves, especially this one in particular, because it jazzed up an other-wise hum drum outfit. It's one of my favorite scarves to begin with, but I got really excited at how great it worked with my new favorite cardigan (it's purple!) and this bracelet. 

This lovely favorite scarf of mine even works great as a top!

shirt and jeans: Old Navy
cardigan: H&M
scarf: Value Village
flats: Payless
bracelet: ?


  1. It does look very nice against your cardigan. Bright splashes of colour in the fall and i'm ashamed of being in all black today seeing you :)

  2. I"m so with you. Scarves just add another level of chic! Love this!

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