If the dress fits, wear it.

Yeah, so this is a maternity dress. And I knew it was a maternity dress when I found it. I was in the maternity section of H&M. A while back I stumbled into it without realizing what it was, where I found an amazing pair of shorts that fit me so well. It had a big elastic waistband that contained everything nicely. Once I saw the tag and realized they were maternity I got sheepish and didn't buy them. And have regretted  it ever since. 
Why let labels get you down? I used to see my happiness rise and fall with the size of my clothes tag. When I was small enough to fit into a medium, I'd be estatic. When I don't even fit into an XL at a store, I get depressed. And when maternity clothes fit me better than regular styles, I felt ashamed. 
But in my journey to body acceptance, i've come to realize the number, or label on a tag is no indication of the person within the tag. Plus sizes are always so out of whack anyways. I have two sweaters from gap, one is a small, one is an XXL. They fit the same. I look equally awesome in both of them. So now I just wear what I like, regardless of what it's label says. And I feel a lot better for it. 

Yes, I realize that at 5'9 maybe this dress isn't a dress but rather a tunic instead. And I am well aware (and a supporter) of leggings not being pants. It felt okay wearing this outfit, but seeing this picture makes me think "hmmm, maybe this is a little bit on the short side...." shorter then I usually go, but my leggings are completely opaque, so it's not like I was giving the milk away for free or anything. I don't even drink milk. 

Dress: H&M, Belt: Thrifted, Leggings: Addition Elle


  1. haha, giving away the milk for free . . . my mom use to tell me that all the time when I was little.

    I know what you mean about the sizes, I use to get so excited if a smaller size fit me and sometime I wouldn't buy a perfect dress/skirt or whatever just because it was a bigger size that I was comfortable admitting to be. So weird. I admit every once in a while I still get sad if my regular size doesn't fit, but I move on.

    You look great! I would have never thought it was maternity. I have a couple of maternity dresses too, and now I don't shy away from at least checking out that area.

  2. I'm glad you have overcome to the label on the garment. It shouldn't be about the number on the tag but the way it actually fits. Who says you can't walk into a straight sized store and NOT find something amazing?

    I think the dress works well! The color looks so perfect for Fall. :)

  3. Absolutely, i think it's fine. I too, have been the patron of many pieces of maternity wear especially from Topshop and Dorothy Perkins and have possibly deprived real pregnant mothers of the clothes that were meant for them. So what if we wear maternity, it's not like the world is going to come crashing anything soon!

  4. don't make me get all project runway and tap into my inner Tim Gunn it if fit "make it work" no one can see the label... and if you are as creative as i think you are... no one will ever know... don't let the label hold you back ever again. And if the clerk says something... take it in stride... i'm not pregnant... my sister is... and keep it moving...

    btw... love this look...

    Diva in Deep Thought


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