I've been in love with this top since I bought it a few months back. It's impossible to tell in these pictures, but it's got rosettes all along the neckline. A friend at church even said to me today "Erin, that shirt is just so you. It's perfect." Which is so true!

For some reason even with a flash they don't show up in photos, so here is a horroribly over exposed (via iphoto) shot to get a better idea of the shirt. 

Even though I bought it months ago, I neve wore it until today because I couldn't find the right skirt for it. Until my last trip to Value Village yeilded this beauty, for only $2.50!! (It was during the 50% off sale.)
I love, love, love, my new skirt. Such a great fit, and length, and the price wasn't bad either!

Shirt: Zellers
Skirt: Thrift
Bag & shoes: Payless


  1. I wish I found my perfect skirt too! Today I almost had it, from my favourite thrift store, but in the changing room I noticed the zipper was broken :( I even tried to figure out how I could fix it but it was one of those bloody zippers that aren't fixable (I'd have to unpick half of the skirt :/). The blouse is adorable!

  2. This is such a great outfit! The bag adds that special touch and the flower detail, which I was able to view in the first picture, is absolutely lovely. I love the way you've paired this shirt with this red skirt--the color is great! I badly need to purchase a skirt. It's been ages since I've worn one with tights for fall.

  3. Meg- that sucks! Good luck with the hunt! That's the thing about thrifting, it can be quite the process to find the hidden gems!

    gypsyroxylee - Thanks! I love wearing skirts, they are so comfy!

  4. I like your bright red skirt. It's the nice length of not being too long or short and the colour is stunning! Nicely paired with the black blouse with rosettes. I have one of those rosettes in a zebra print on a hairband which would have gone with your outfit and complement your bag!

  5. Thanks! I agree, I really like the length. :) That headband sounds cute!


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