my mom's the best.

Did you grow up with a mom who could sew? I did. This resulted in plenty of homemade matching dresses for my sister and I growing up. 
Especially on holidays. Here is a gem from Christmas, circa 95-96.

(That's me on the left, with younger sister Sarah on the right.) 

While I hated being put in these dresses (and always having to match my sister) for a time when I was young, I learned to appreciate the fact that my mom could work a sewing machine. Countless halloween costumes, school plays, and dance recitals all showcased my mothers talent and love with each outfit she  sewed for me. I have fond memories as a girl of accompanying her to the fabric store to pick out patterns and fabrics for my clothes and costumes.  

But she doesn't just make things, she does well to alter them as well. This came in especially handy for a plus size girl with odd proportions. If something fit weird in the waist or was too long, or had to be taken in, or let out, mom could do it. 
I still take advantage of her skills and patience, and brought home a find from Value Village when I went back this summer. A few months ago I had found this mens shirt with blue and white pinstripes. I had been looking for a mens shirt with a nice pattern that could be worked into a dress for months. Originally I thought I could just belt a shirt and get away with it. But It was huge on me (It was a men's 3X) and fit like a large pillowcase, but I knew my mom could do something great with it. So mom and I fervently worked on this dress. And by "My mom and I" I mean, my mom did all the work while I acted as talking mannequin, putting on the shirt and dictating what I wanted to happen. 

Mom at work on my dress with my sister Sarah, crafting. She made me an adorable bracelet, that I really need to showcase here soon!

After a few hours, I had a brand new custom made dress, for only $3! (Not including thread and labour, which might also have to include the 24 hours of labour my mom went through just to bring me into the world. Thanks again, mom!)

Worn today with an adorable butterfly belt thrifted at Value Village. 

I'm IN LOVE with my dress. The fit is wonderful, it's a great length, and the perfect style. I love the stripes, and it has all these cute little details my mom added. It's exactly what i've been looking for all these months! Good things do come to those who wait. ;) 

The buttons on the sleeves might be my favorite part!

Adding some interest on the back. 

I just wish I had got my mom to pass on her skills to me when I still lived at home. It'd be a lot easier if I just knew how to do this all myself. I have all these ideas and i'm always finding things at Value Village that need altering. It's a skill I hope to one day hone myself. Although it is nice to spend time with my mom on these projects. :) 


  1. oh how i envy thee. wish i could sew. there'd be so much more potential when i go out thrifting. your mom did an excellent job. i especially like the back panel and the cute buttons! - michele


  2. I also grew up with a mom and dad who could sew and I was very lucky growing up because I could ask for anything and they'd make it (even doll clothes). But then I grew up and thought that I was too cool for that. And now I wish my mom would dust off her sewing machine and make me a dress as cute as yours. I really love the little detail on the back, it just brings it together perfectly.

  3. Thanks Michele! It would SO help with thrifting to sew!! I feel the same way. I need to get myself a sewing machine one of these days so I can at least hem things.

    Thanks Maria! Too bad we couldn't realize then how lucky we were to having sewing parents, eh?


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