People always say how you should be yourself. Like yourself is this definite thing. Like a toaster or something

Woke up to another rainy day today. It's nothing uncommon for my city, especially at this time of year. I may be used to it after two years of being here, but it still sucks! 
To combat the crappy weather I threw on this colourful floral dress. Because it's hard not to be happy wearing colours and flowers. And an owl always helps. 

It's a size 12, and the top is a bit tight, so I just leave it unbuttoned. That's a new problem for me. Usually it's the bust area that's too big, not to small! As a plus sized girl I am still barely a B cup. It's an injustice.
I really love this dress, it's one of my favorite recent purchases. I got it at H&M while in Alberta in the summer. I was so pleased to see these dresses start to come back, i've longed for one for years and years now. When I was in high school, family channel aired "My So-Called Life" late at night. I fell in love with it, (It's still regarded as one of my favorites.) and bought it the first second it came out on dvd years later. I used to dream of wearing floral dresses (or any baby doll dress) with doc martens to school. Unfortunately I wasn't cool enough/couldn't find any dresses! I was too afraid to thrift back then. 
So 15 year old me is really excited about this dress. 
Though I still haven't got the doc martens, so I wore my crappy old chucks since flats and rain aren't a great combination. 


  1. Cute, cute dress! Love the owl necklace. Your blog post are delightful so I just keep coming back!

  2. The outfit is so cute, love the tank under the dress and i especially love the owl (my daughter would be so jealous!)

  3. Thanks gypsyroxylee ! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog! I appreciate it!

    Thanks Lesa! I'm a little obsessed with owls! ;)


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