Today's (yesterdays) outfit brought to you by photobooth.

My camera crashed to the ground Sunday morning, so I couldn't get any photos. It seems to be in working condition now though! For whatever reason it just didn't work on sunday. I am just so glad my baby is ok!

(That pile of clothes in the background would be thrifted items that need altering! Oh how I wish I had a sewing machine.)

I put on maybe 10 outfits yesterday before I landed on this. What is up with me lately?
I do like what I came up with though. Can't go wrong with stripes and a high waisted skirt. 
One of my friends told me I looked like Waldo. Apparently it was a compliment.

Top: Reitmans
Skirt: Cotton Ginny
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Payless

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