So last night, no big deal or anything, I got to see SUFJAN STEVENS!!!
Enough said? I think so. 

It was at The Orpheum, quite possibly the most beautiful building I have ever seen. With such splendor I felt it was a requirement to dress fancy! But of course as usual, I was the only one who seems to care. The place was overrun with plad clad hipsters in skinny jeans and hoodies. It was kind of depressing.
Maybe it was just the crowd though? Last time I was there (for Fiest) a lot more people stepped up their game!
Let me make it clear while I am disappointed in Sufjan's fans attire, I am in no way disappointed in his performance. His dancing made the show until the encore of select songs from Illinoise! Such a great night. 

Dress and belt both from H&M.

I brought my SLR with me in hopes of a photoshoot, but the battery died after I took one picture! that's what I get for losing my spare camera battery... so here is a horrible quality phone camera taken in my hallway when I got home. Don't worry, i'll definitely wear the dress again soon and get a better photo!

So to make up for it, here's some semi-decent pics from the last time I was there to see Fiest during the olympics, when I only had my crappy point and shoot. (But at least it had batteries!)

In the theatre:

And the lobby:

Yeah, living in Vancouver is pretty great.


 Black pencil skirt? Check. Top tucked into black pencil skirt? Check. Cardigan? Check. If I were to have a Sunday uniform this would be it. It's a reliable outfit that always looks good and has plenty of possibilities. While I may be using the same formula, I feel like I'm never repeating myself because I can always combine a different sweater, shirt, or even skirt.

Plus this gave me a perfect outfit to go with my new (old) bag. I found it at a thrift store on friday for only $5! I absolutely adore this bag. It's the perfect size for my wallet, my moleskine, and phone. No unnecessary  clutter allowed! I have a bad habbit of having waay to much crap in all my purses. This is my first small purse so I don't anticipate having that problem. 


the search for the great pumpkin

Today some friends and I ventured out to a pumpkin patch! It was so much fun! We got to peruse pumpkins, get lost in a corn maze, and traveled via hay ride complete with a man armed with a banjo serenading the trip. I had never been to a pumpkin patch before, and i'll definitely be making it a tradition from now on! 

I was'nt super comforatble getting a friend to take an outfit picture, so this "lost in the corn maze" is the best i've got. And it's even not that great because this lady kept walking in between me and the friend wiht the camera. Once is okay, but after that there is something wrong with you. 

Also because it was cold I had to throw on a jacket. Beneath is a belted striped cardigan for  some interest.  I would've loved, loved, loved to have some knee socks poking out of my boots but sadly, I do not own a pair. Yet. I do fantasize about wearing them with tights and boots though, so soon enough I will have a pair! Anyone know where I can get some cute, cheap knee socks? 

Dress can be seen here.


Today was one of many days I have been having so far this semester. I wake up at 9:45 for my 10:30 class.  I drag myself out of bed, shower, wash my hair only if absolutely necessary/and or put it in a ponytail, throw on jeans and whatever t-shirt I can find, brush teeth, apply mascara, grab a granola bar (only when i'm lucky enough to have gone grocery shopping), and drive to school as fast as traffic will let me.
As if not getting sufficient sleep, or breakfast, or exercise (walking to the train), or time in the morning isn't bad enough, on top of it all - I don't look or feel cute at all. It may be silly to some, but dressing nicely really does make my day better. These mornings vs. the ones where I wake up early to my clothes I planned last night, when I make a smoothie for breakfast (or even better, scrambled tofu!) are only helped when I am rocking a cute outfit that makes me feel good.

cardigan & jeans: old navy
shirt: urban outfitters (from almost 6 years ago!)
flats: payless

But somehow today, I managed to throw together a combination I hadn't though of before, and I really liked the polka dots with the pop of flowers.

Juggling school and work this semester has been much harder than anticipated. I'm trying to figure out how to manage everything, and i'm rather proud that i've found time to blog about the good things as i've been going through this. I haven't been able to read and comment, and for that I am sorry. 
But I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this blog and comment. I think through all this blogging has helped me, and I am so greatful there people out there I can share it with!


Apparently my hair colour is that of a brick.

Today I got a friend to take my outfit photos outside at church. We had to use my cellphone, but i'm still excited at having a location more exciting then my apartment for once! 
I am still far too timid to go outside with a tripod to get decent shots. There are always people around in my city, and I'm afraid of the awkward encounters i'd get, or worse, someone running off with my camera!

A real live person is so much more helpful than a tripod though! I wish so much I had a photographer with me more often to document my photos. Although we did forget to take details/close ups. But I always forget them on my own anyways.

dress: The Bay
belt & earings: H&M
shoes: payless
tights: gap


rebel rebel

I guess i'm kind of the rebel in my family. While i'm the middle child, I totally paved the way for my older brother and younger sister to rebel. Except that my brother was the only one that followed. Like that time I quit band in jr.high, much to my father's chagrin because he loves band more than anything in the world. Then I quit church shortly after. It was only after I fought against something that my brother realized he could do the same. (Your welcome, brother.) While I have found faith on my own now, my love for music still and always will be as a listener. Sorry dad. At least my younger sister followed his musical steps as they are both hardcore band geek trumpet players. And that's only the two biggest infractions on my record. Although dying my hair black was a pretty big one too. I was a fun teenager to have around, that's for sure. (But really, that's where my rebellion ends. I never did anything too crazy, cause I never wanted to.)

Enough of the family stories? I'm getting to my point....

Today as I was frantically getting ready for school, I decided to break out the skinny jeans as I haven't worn them in a while. Then I wanted to wear stripes. As I slipped it on a striped shirt with my skinnies, a little voice in my head said "Ha! You can't wear skinny jeans with stripes! That's breaking the two biggest rules!" So what did I do? I rebelled, of course! I laughed at that voice, and wore what I wanted because it made me feel good. The voice of concern was drowned out by the (much more prevalent) voice of "Dang! You look gooood!" (And by voices I mean the ones who also tell me to burn things, obviously.)
My hope is that defying these "rules" that hold so many of us back, I'll inspire others, so we can all be free from the negativity out there that gets us down. Who needs it?!?! Wear what you like and what makes you feel good, 'cause that's what matters. It's not what that stranger on the street thinks of you that matters, it's what you think of you.
Speaking of revolution, while I'm at it I wish could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy... 

And if anybody does have a problem with how you chose to dress, just practice the wisdom of Joy Nash. I totally practiced comebacks on the drive to school this morning! And I didn't even need them!



Wore this on thanksgiving yesterday. I wanted to go for "autumn warmth" until I realized I own mostly blue cool hues. Ha. Guess that just means I have to go shopping.

I figured this was nice enough but still casual enough to wear amongst the t-shirt and jean crowd that is my peers. But of course, I got comments on how "dressed up" I was. But I always wear skirts! So I yet again explained my fashion philosophy of dressing nice and feeling nice, etc, etc...I wonder when everyone will just get used to it already! Ah well. I liked what I had on, the only regret being that I didn't go even fancier. (But then I would've stuck out like even more of a sore thumb!) One day I hope to live in a world where wearing a SKORT is not seen as "dressed up". Because really people, it's not!

I celebrated with dinner at a friends, which we fondly referred to as "Orphan's Thanksgiving", for everyone living here without family. (Which is my case, as all my family is back home in Alberta.) It was nice but a few too many orphans for my taste. We had almost 50 people there! I don't do well in large groups. I become quite the wallflower with so many people. My entire life i've been very shy, and i've had anxiety so parties are hard. I'm much better in social situations now, but it's still a bit of a challenge for me in such a large group. Towards the end of the night though I settled in with a small group, and then had a good time. :) 
I made a tofurkey. It was delicious, and all my non-vegan friends ate it! I don't even have any left overs. It's good to expose people to new things, only now I can't have any tofurkey sandwiches. Ah well. 

So what am I thankful for? Like every year I am thankful I am not a turkey. I remember coming up with that as a kid when we had to go around the dinner table and give thanks. I wasn't even a vegetarian yet but I still thought it wasn't very nice to eat a dead animal. This prompted lots of eye-rolls and shaking head from my meat-loving extended family. 
But in all seriousness I have LOTS to be thankful for. My life is good. Really good. 

I'm just too tired to go through it all since I worked at 5:30AM today and then went to school, then religion class, and got home at 10:30PM. And now i'm off to go try and find Glee to watch since I missed it. 


I try to look good and dress up everyday because it makes me feel good. When I like what I'm wearing, I feel more confident. And today I needed all the confidence I could get, as I had to give a talk in church. It's a bit nerve wracking having to speak in front of 100 people for 10 minuets, So, like when I have to teach in church, I tried to find an outfit to boost the confidence levels. 

But this morning I was dumfounded with what to wear. So I went through some of my pictures for inspiration, which reminded me just how much I love this dress. As it's a bit too casual for church I just threw a skirt over it, and added my favorite floral necklace for something pretty. I sill wasn't 100% in love with this, but I did really like it, and I was already 15 mins late for church since I was finishing up my talk! Haha. The outfit served it's purpose though, my talk went well! More people complimented my talk than my outfit, although my friend that did compliment my outfit said I looked very professional. I guess that's a good thing. 

Dress: thrifted shirt, DIY'd into a dress
Skirt: Addition Elle
Necklace: Laura
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