Wore this on thanksgiving yesterday. I wanted to go for "autumn warmth" until I realized I own mostly blue cool hues. Ha. Guess that just means I have to go shopping.

I figured this was nice enough but still casual enough to wear amongst the t-shirt and jean crowd that is my peers. But of course, I got comments on how "dressed up" I was. But I always wear skirts! So I yet again explained my fashion philosophy of dressing nice and feeling nice, etc, etc...I wonder when everyone will just get used to it already! Ah well. I liked what I had on, the only regret being that I didn't go even fancier. (But then I would've stuck out like even more of a sore thumb!) One day I hope to live in a world where wearing a SKORT is not seen as "dressed up". Because really people, it's not!

I celebrated with dinner at a friends, which we fondly referred to as "Orphan's Thanksgiving", for everyone living here without family. (Which is my case, as all my family is back home in Alberta.) It was nice but a few too many orphans for my taste. We had almost 50 people there! I don't do well in large groups. I become quite the wallflower with so many people. My entire life i've been very shy, and i've had anxiety so parties are hard. I'm much better in social situations now, but it's still a bit of a challenge for me in such a large group. Towards the end of the night though I settled in with a small group, and then had a good time. :) 
I made a tofurkey. It was delicious, and all my non-vegan friends ate it! I don't even have any left overs. It's good to expose people to new things, only now I can't have any tofurkey sandwiches. Ah well. 

So what am I thankful for? Like every year I am thankful I am not a turkey. I remember coming up with that as a kid when we had to go around the dinner table and give thanks. I wasn't even a vegetarian yet but I still thought it wasn't very nice to eat a dead animal. This prompted lots of eye-rolls and shaking head from my meat-loving extended family. 
But in all seriousness I have LOTS to be thankful for. My life is good. Really good. 

I'm just too tired to go through it all since I worked at 5:30AM today and then went to school, then religion class, and got home at 10:30PM. And now i'm off to go try and find Glee to watch since I missed it. 


  1. I think its great you made a blog about your fashion style, not just on the big fashion trend.


  2. tres jolie tenue,j aime beaucoups


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