I try to look good and dress up everyday because it makes me feel good. When I like what I'm wearing, I feel more confident. And today I needed all the confidence I could get, as I had to give a talk in church. It's a bit nerve wracking having to speak in front of 100 people for 10 minuets, So, like when I have to teach in church, I tried to find an outfit to boost the confidence levels. 

But this morning I was dumfounded with what to wear. So I went through some of my pictures for inspiration, which reminded me just how much I love this dress. As it's a bit too casual for church I just threw a skirt over it, and added my favorite floral necklace for something pretty. I sill wasn't 100% in love with this, but I did really like it, and I was already 15 mins late for church since I was finishing up my talk! Haha. The outfit served it's purpose though, my talk went well! More people complimented my talk than my outfit, although my friend that did compliment my outfit said I looked very professional. I guess that's a good thing. 

Dress: thrifted shirt, DIY'd into a dress
Skirt: Addition Elle
Necklace: Laura

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  1. The blouse is lovely. I like the sleeves. They're not puffy like most of the sleeves of this kind :) Weird reason, I know but still :D

    I'm glad your talk went well. Neither I like talking in front of people, it always makes me shaky :D


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