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I guess i'm kind of the rebel in my family. While i'm the middle child, I totally paved the way for my older brother and younger sister to rebel. Except that my brother was the only one that followed. Like that time I quit band in jr.high, much to my father's chagrin because he loves band more than anything in the world. Then I quit church shortly after. It was only after I fought against something that my brother realized he could do the same. (Your welcome, brother.) While I have found faith on my own now, my love for music still and always will be as a listener. Sorry dad. At least my younger sister followed his musical steps as they are both hardcore band geek trumpet players. And that's only the two biggest infractions on my record. Although dying my hair black was a pretty big one too. I was a fun teenager to have around, that's for sure. (But really, that's where my rebellion ends. I never did anything too crazy, cause I never wanted to.)

Enough of the family stories? I'm getting to my point....

Today as I was frantically getting ready for school, I decided to break out the skinny jeans as I haven't worn them in a while. Then I wanted to wear stripes. As I slipped it on a striped shirt with my skinnies, a little voice in my head said "Ha! You can't wear skinny jeans with stripes! That's breaking the two biggest rules!" So what did I do? I rebelled, of course! I laughed at that voice, and wore what I wanted because it made me feel good. The voice of concern was drowned out by the (much more prevalent) voice of "Dang! You look gooood!" (And by voices I mean the ones who also tell me to burn things, obviously.)
My hope is that defying these "rules" that hold so many of us back, I'll inspire others, so we can all be free from the negativity out there that gets us down. Who needs it?!?! Wear what you like and what makes you feel good, 'cause that's what matters. It's not what that stranger on the street thinks of you that matters, it's what you think of you.
Speaking of revolution, while I'm at it I wish could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy... 

And if anybody does have a problem with how you chose to dress, just practice the wisdom of Joy Nash. I totally practiced comebacks on the drive to school this morning! And I didn't even need them!


  1. I like this outfit - cute and simple.

    Also, that video, and other ones that I have seen of Joy Nash, are awesome. I think she was the first person I ever saw who really inspired me to love my body, fat and all.

  2. Joy!
    You are beautiful, smart and a breath of fresh air - aptly named, you are a joy!
    I'd love to be in touch with you.
    author of: Pretty Plus: How to Look Sexy Sensational and Successful No Matter What You Weigh


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