So last night, no big deal or anything, I got to see SUFJAN STEVENS!!!
Enough said? I think so. 

It was at The Orpheum, quite possibly the most beautiful building I have ever seen. With such splendor I felt it was a requirement to dress fancy! But of course as usual, I was the only one who seems to care. The place was overrun with plad clad hipsters in skinny jeans and hoodies. It was kind of depressing.
Maybe it was just the crowd though? Last time I was there (for Fiest) a lot more people stepped up their game!
Let me make it clear while I am disappointed in Sufjan's fans attire, I am in no way disappointed in his performance. His dancing made the show until the encore of select songs from Illinoise! Such a great night. 

Dress and belt both from H&M.

I brought my SLR with me in hopes of a photoshoot, but the battery died after I took one picture! that's what I get for losing my spare camera battery... so here is a horrible quality phone camera taken in my hallway when I got home. Don't worry, i'll definitely wear the dress again soon and get a better photo!

So to make up for it, here's some semi-decent pics from the last time I was there to see Fiest during the olympics, when I only had my crappy point and shoot. (But at least it had batteries!)

In the theatre:

And the lobby:

Yeah, living in Vancouver is pretty great.

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