Apparently my hair colour is that of a brick.

Today I got a friend to take my outfit photos outside at church. We had to use my cellphone, but i'm still excited at having a location more exciting then my apartment for once! 
I am still far too timid to go outside with a tripod to get decent shots. There are always people around in my city, and I'm afraid of the awkward encounters i'd get, or worse, someone running off with my camera!

A real live person is so much more helpful than a tripod though! I wish so much I had a photographer with me more often to document my photos. Although we did forget to take details/close ups. But I always forget them on my own anyways.

dress: The Bay
belt & earings: H&M
shoes: payless
tights: gap


  1. The dress is you! A lovely shade of blue and a cute little bow belt to match. Pretty!

  2. I love this look... don't be surprised if I copy it... you look so good... sorry I don't comment more :)

    Diva in Deep Thought


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