Today was one of many days I have been having so far this semester. I wake up at 9:45 for my 10:30 class.  I drag myself out of bed, shower, wash my hair only if absolutely necessary/and or put it in a ponytail, throw on jeans and whatever t-shirt I can find, brush teeth, apply mascara, grab a granola bar (only when i'm lucky enough to have gone grocery shopping), and drive to school as fast as traffic will let me.
As if not getting sufficient sleep, or breakfast, or exercise (walking to the train), or time in the morning isn't bad enough, on top of it all - I don't look or feel cute at all. It may be silly to some, but dressing nicely really does make my day better. These mornings vs. the ones where I wake up early to my clothes I planned last night, when I make a smoothie for breakfast (or even better, scrambled tofu!) are only helped when I am rocking a cute outfit that makes me feel good.

cardigan & jeans: old navy
shirt: urban outfitters (from almost 6 years ago!)
flats: payless

But somehow today, I managed to throw together a combination I hadn't though of before, and I really liked the polka dots with the pop of flowers.

Juggling school and work this semester has been much harder than anticipated. I'm trying to figure out how to manage everything, and i'm rather proud that i've found time to blog about the good things as i've been going through this. I haven't been able to read and comment, and for that I am sorry. 
But I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this blog and comment. I think through all this blogging has helped me, and I am so greatful there people out there I can share it with!


  1. You do look cute. I also feel better about myself if i have a cute outfit on. Funnily enough, having on a pretty outfit makes me want to do my makeup and look nice but if I wear something sloppy then I will feel dowdy and go with no makeup!

    Feel good about yourself today cos the outfit you have on today will make the day better!

  2. You look great!

    Something I tend to do is plan my outfit the night before (taking into account the weather forecast). It really helps in the rush before I leave for work to not have to worry about what I want to wear (or what's clean), but just pull out what I've already decided on.

  3. Well this is definitely one of those cute outfits! Love the cardi. Gosh I have to visit Old Navy and check out their stuff. It's been a while!


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