shortest post ever....GO!

Two essays to write.
For tomorrow.

Outfit was waay cute today though.

About to pull an all-nighter to finish said essays.
Wish me luck!


{Dress, bracelet, & bow belt: H&M, Skirt: Addition Elle, Tights: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless}

I've been planning this outfit for awhile now, this dress under my black pencil skirt for a nice Sunday outfit. So yesterday when I found these tights on sale at Old Navy (for only $4!!) I knew they'd be the perfect way to add some colour to this outfit i'd had in mind. 
I've been longing for some coloured tights for years now, and I drool over the splendor of We Love Colors frequently, but i'm too apprehensive to spend that ammount of money (plus shipping!) just to get tights that do not fit. Like these ones, which kept falling down!! Infuriating, but at least it only cost me $4. 


{Cardigan: Reitmans, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Torrid, Boots: The Bay, Owl: H&M}

I'm really not a big fan of pants, but lately they are becoming a bit of a necessity. It just keeps snowing here! And while I am from Alberta and grew up with this stuff, I drove everywhere when I lived there! Or my parents drove me around. And my dad's car had heated seats! It was awesome. But here in Vancouver I am too poor for winter tires, and NO ONE knows how to drive in the snow here (or even without the snow) so I brave transit, where I fight to get a spot on a train like people fought for a lifeboat when the titanic sank. But I digress. Walking means pants are required, because they are warmer than tights or leggings. Or both. although they are still not all that warm. So today I was quite proud of myself for coming up with a solution. I wore knee high socks under my jeans! I felt like a genius until I got outside and realized my thighs were still freezing, which is why I will be wearing bike shorts as well tomorrow. I'm so smart. 


Do you ever repeat yourself? Do you ever repeat yourself? Apparently, I do.

{Cardigan: Gap, Lace top: Target, Jeans: Torrid, Boots: The Bay}

So this outfit may look a little familiar. Normally I don't re-post an outfit that is a repeat but I felt like this was different enough to be blog worthy. I actually got home at a decent hour today, when the last little bit of daylight was out peeking through the overcast sky. Even though my apartment is all windows, it still felt too dark indoors, so I braved the freezing cold temperature and snapped some balcony shots. I literally ran out, set the timer, jumped back in my apt to warm up, did it again, then deemed it too cold to continue. I am a wimp. 

Oh yeah, so the reason I am home so early is to work on my term projects. huh.... guess I should get to it and not blog....


So Tuesdays are a little nuts for me. I get up at 4:30am, go to work, go to school, go to institute, then get home around 10.
And I did'nt even nap today! I can't belive I am still standing, let alone waiting (im)patiently for Glee to finish loading since I can't figure out how to work my DVR. (One of the many reasons I need a boyfriend!)

SO. Sadly todays outfit photos are of the horrible cell phone picture variety. I have a lowly palm pre, no fancy iPhone with it's cool kid hipstimatic app to make me appear cool. 

{Dress: thrifted mens shirt DIY'd, Cardigan: H&M, Owl necklace: Icing Belt:?}

Instead you get a grainy photo taken in a Starbucks bathroom, since I stopped there for a tea since IT. WAS. SO. COLD. And even though i'm from a pretty freakin cold place, and I should know to dress better, that black blazer and scarf were all I had. No gloves. No toque. And I was wearing a dress with leggings. Not very warm at all. I fear I may have to start wearing jeans more! Or....long johns under my leggings. Yes, I think that is much preferable to jeans. 

Click here to see more of my awesome dress and how my amazing mom made it for me.

Once term projects and finals and work stop owning my life I will have better pictures and more posts! AND I will try to reply to comments more. It warms my heart so dearly when you guys say hi, so know that I do read them and they make my day. :) Thanks for stickin' with me!


Weekend Update

{Dress & hair bow: H&M. Boots: Joneve, Cardigan: Zellers}

What a great weekend i'm having! My mom got here Thursday night for a very quick visit (sadly, she is leaving tonight.) and we have had the greatest time together! She is such a great mom, she takes such good care of me! We are just about to go to dinner, then I drop her off at the airport (sad) BUT then I'm going to HARRY POTTER!!! Since my mom got here Thursday night I was unable to attend the midnight showing, since my mom made me choose between her and Harry Potter. It was a close one, but in the end I decided that I do love my mom more. 

I wore this to IKEA and the supermarket last night. I was so stylin'! 

We also got snow last night! It's funny, I grew up in Alberta (aka land of snow) and I always start to miss it when I see my Alberta friends facebook status updates talking about the snow. I've been commenting for weeks now how bad I want snow, and then I got to wake up to this in the morning!

So beautiful!

And because i've been neglecting my food blog and I miss it, here is our pretty lunch I made us today.

Brie baked garlic naan bread, butter leaf lettuce salad with apples, dried cranberries, and pecans, in a lemon vinigarettte, and a watermelon feta salad. Mmmmm!


2 for one

This weekend my church had a local conference, which meant a meeting Saturday night as well as Sunday. It also means two outfits! 

Saturday I got off work and had to get home quick to change. I originally was going to repeat this outfit, but my pencil skirt was dirty, and the only black skirt I could find just wasn't working. So I kept with the skirt over dress idea, and went with this:

{Dress & Headband: H&M, Skirt & Tights: Gap}
My lace dress (sort of) seen here. I thew a skirt over it with some purple tights, black flats, and a pretty headband, since my hair was up from work. 
(Please ignore the part of hair I missed when I dyed it. Just like I will....)

Oh, and I dyed my hair on Friday. I managed to get the right bottles mixed this time! Unlike my last endeavor... I am so, so, happy with the result!! I have been looking for a colour like this for so long! And I finally found it with Garnier. More on this later. ;)

Today I had church earlier than I am used to, which meant I had to get up and get going, so I went with my most comfortable basic black dress and a complimentary cardigan to my bright, shiny new hair, which I had time to wash and straighten. :) 

A pretty peacock hair clip can't hurt either. 

Or some sparkly sequined shoes.
I always break them out come winter because when the weather sucks, at least I can get away with wearing sequins. And we've gone over my love of sequins already. 

 {Dress & Cardigan: Gap, Flats: Old Navy, Belt: Thrifted, Hair Clip: Made by me}


How to turn your day around

{Shirt & skirt, Gap. Cardigan: Plenty, Boots: Joneve, Necklace: Icing.}

I'll keep this short because i'm finding it difficult to formulate words and such.

Basically today started out horrible. 

It got better when I talked to my parents and was reminded of how amazing they are.
It got even better when I made soup for lunch. (Part of why I love cooking so much is it calms me so.)
Then it got a lot better when I put together this outfit, curled may hair, and felt cute.

It got bad again though when I had to write my psych midterm.

And then it got better again when I stopped at starbucks on the way home and got a cranberry bliss bar, which actually lives up to it's name this year.

And things are only going to get even better because I have institute (religion class) tonight and then get to come home to a new episode of Glee. 

But the point relevant to this blog is that dressing cute vastly improved my day.

Let's just hope I pass that midterm!


Remember what happened the last time I wore this dress? 
How I got a compliment from a random old due in my elevator, then complained that I don't get any attention from the men folk my age

Well, as it is today at church a guy (who I had never talked to before) complimented not only this outfit, but my style. He said something akin to "You look really good today, very well put together. But you always look really nice." That's not verbatim or anything but that's most of what he said. I think I was speechless for a moment before I graciously accepted the compliment, and told him how appreciated it was! I had already gotten compliments from all my girl friends, and one guy friend, but for some stranger to comment on my style like that...what a great compliment!! 

Another girl friend of mine even said "I saw you walk into the room today and thought to myself "Daaang!! If I were a guy...." Hahaha. So apparently there is just something happening with this dress. 

I really think I need to wear this dress more often. I've totally underestimated it's power all these years...

I also got a lot of compliments on my hair today. Everybody thought I changed it somehow, which brings me to a funny story from today...

I set out to dye my hair today because as you can see it is not very red. I woke up and thought I was running late so I went straight to the bathroom to apply my hair dye, still half asleep. I mixed up the dye and slapped it on, wondering why it wasn't going red as I was putting it on. But it was a new brand so I figured it would change eventually. Once I realized daylight savings time granted me an extra hour of getting ready, I didn't worry too much about being late and let the dye sit for an hour, since it just. wasn't. turning. red! 
After an hour I gave up, and deemed this brand an inferior dye. It didn't even turn any colour, it just stayed white! I don't always get the red I want but usually I get something! Well, upon returning to the bathroom and going over the instructions again I realized I had not mixed the chemical bottle (A) with the colour bottle (B) as the instructions mentioned. Instead I mixed A with C- the conditioner. 
I guess that explains why my hair is no more red but a lot softer...


I want to go to there...

Lately i've been trying to void myself of the temptation of online browsing.
But sometimes I can't help it, and following a link here, and then there, I somehow end up at asos.
And then a piece of me dies inside when I see this.


You see, I kind of LOVE sequins. If I could I would wear them everyday during the holiday like some kind of glitter mermaid, as I feel that they perfectly represent the holiday spirit. But sadly I don't own very many things of the sequined variety.

But I would like to change that, perhaps by finding a way for this dress to get to my closet...

Too bad that will never happen as I'm in a deep deep pit of debt with no end in sight. And my part time job that I get minimum wage for doesn't even give me enough money to live off of.
And i'm thinking of quitting it because I failed a midterm and the stress of working and doing school is too much. So this really cannot be. 

So instead i'll just imagine what it would be like to have this dress. In the meantime I think i'll imagine that I also had a place to even wear a dress like this. Because in reality, I really don't have anywhere to wear a dress like this. I don't have any fancy parties to attend. All I do on a free weekend is watch 30 Rock on DVD. Although I would totally wear this dress while doing so....

I'm sure i'll get over it...eventually.

It's not like I still get sad thinking about how much I wish I had the bicycle dress.
Except oh wait...I totally still get depressed over how much I wish I had that dress...



What be a pirate's favorite kind of sweater?

(Thanks for the joke, HIMYM)

Sweater: Reitmans (old)
Dress: Joe Fresh (also old!)
Leggings: Zellers
Boots: Joneve

Today I broke out the argyle. It's been a while. 
I do love the argyle though. I guess I'm just living up to my surname's connotation with piracy. Growing up The Princess Bride was a family favorite movie, and I remember my dad telling me once that The Dread Pirate Roberts was his uncle. And I believed him, at first...
But then I found out the truth. Now I just like to pretend I'm a pirate. By showing my appreciation for  argyle. 

And since argyle is sometimes worn by geeks, I will leave you with my quick "nerd alert" photo I snapped at the end of my little photoshoot this morning before running off to school.

I am blind as a bat and usually wear contacts, but I couldn't help reach for my glasses when I decided to take a nerdy photo. ;)


This is halloween!

How was everyone's halloween? Mine was pretty great! Had a church dance Friday night, then went out with friends, got no sleep as I got home at 4am and had to work at 6:30 am. (Blah I hate working!) then went to a pumpkin carving party saturday night, where we carved the pumpkins we picked last weekend!

So other than extreme sleep deprivation my halloween weekend was pretty swell. I LOVE to dress up, and I always do my best to go all out. This year I wasn't really sure what to be. So I reflected back...

Last year I was Margot Tenenbaum:

Because I had the hair (Which happens to be the only redemption I feel to chopping off and bleaching my formerly long, beautiful red hair.) And of course because The Royal Tenenbaums is my ultimate favorite movie ever. 
As I couldn't find a polo dress that was a decent price - I kind of didn't want to spend $100 on a costume! The dress and shirt were thrifted.

The year before that I was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Another all-time favorite and oh-so appropriate choice for Halloween.

Again, a major factor in deciding to be Sally was having the perfect hair! (Oh how I miss my long hair! I will never ever cut it again!) 
That, and she's the best. You know who else is the best? My mom, for making me my Sally dress! 

So who was I this year? I was at a loss of who to be, until a friend suggested I be....

JESSIE! The yodeling cowgirl from Toy Story!
So took the suggestion, as her outfit is super cute and yep, i've got the hair for it! 

And this year I made my costume myself! I am so proud. I even had to make the cowprint chaps! No fabric stores in vancouver carried cow print, so I bought black and white fabric and glued black blobs onto the white! I just safety pinned onto my jeans, as these are my favorite jeans. 
I also safety pinned the yellow top as I did'nt want to throw a perfectly good work shirt out the window.
The hat is value village and the rest was all by me! I'm pretty stoked about it. 

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