{Cardigan: Reitmans, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Torrid, Boots: The Bay, Owl: H&M}

I'm really not a big fan of pants, but lately they are becoming a bit of a necessity. It just keeps snowing here! And while I am from Alberta and grew up with this stuff, I drove everywhere when I lived there! Or my parents drove me around. And my dad's car had heated seats! It was awesome. But here in Vancouver I am too poor for winter tires, and NO ONE knows how to drive in the snow here (or even without the snow) so I brave transit, where I fight to get a spot on a train like people fought for a lifeboat when the titanic sank. But I digress. Walking means pants are required, because they are warmer than tights or leggings. Or both. although they are still not all that warm. So today I was quite proud of myself for coming up with a solution. I wore knee high socks under my jeans! I felt like a genius until I got outside and realized my thighs were still freezing, which is why I will be wearing bike shorts as well tomorrow. I'm so smart. 


  1. All the innovative ways of keeping yourself warm!

  2. Cold definitely inspires creativity, that's for sure. I found some wool leg warmers this week and they are awesome.
    I really like the print mixing that you did here - it looks great!

  3. This is such a cute look, I like how you mixed the argyle with stripes!

    I would suggest wearing tights under any of your pants. I did it a lot of last winter and found myself being much warmer than usual! Or if you can go the tights route, double up. But I'm sure you'll figure out something! :)

  4. Invest in a nice pair of thermals or leggings under jeans. It's the best solution, I tell you from experience.

  5. That outfit would be perfect for Wales because it's snowing here!
    I bought a thermal little vest to put under my clothes for £5 in Primark last week and it has been great. Cute cold weather outfit


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