Do you ever repeat yourself? Do you ever repeat yourself? Apparently, I do.

{Cardigan: Gap, Lace top: Target, Jeans: Torrid, Boots: The Bay}

So this outfit may look a little familiar. Normally I don't re-post an outfit that is a repeat but I felt like this was different enough to be blog worthy. I actually got home at a decent hour today, when the last little bit of daylight was out peeking through the overcast sky. Even though my apartment is all windows, it still felt too dark indoors, so I braved the freezing cold temperature and snapped some balcony shots. I literally ran out, set the timer, jumped back in my apt to warm up, did it again, then deemed it too cold to continue. I am a wimp. 

Oh yeah, so the reason I am home so early is to work on my term projects. huh.... guess I should get to it and not blog....


  1. That's a pretty top - I'd repeat it too! I don't miss term paper writing. Good luck :)


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