{Dress, bracelet, & bow belt: H&M, Skirt: Addition Elle, Tights: Old Navy, Shoes: Payless}

I've been planning this outfit for awhile now, this dress under my black pencil skirt for a nice Sunday outfit. So yesterday when I found these tights on sale at Old Navy (for only $4!!) I knew they'd be the perfect way to add some colour to this outfit i'd had in mind. 
I've been longing for some coloured tights for years now, and I drool over the splendor of We Love Colors frequently, but i'm too apprehensive to spend that ammount of money (plus shipping!) just to get tights that do not fit. Like these ones, which kept falling down!! Infuriating, but at least it only cost me $4. 


  1. You know what's the funny thing? I also wore tights yesterday and it was my first time wearing purple tights and I bought them from Dorothy Perkins. For a store that sells plus-sized clothing, their tights only go up to XL. And of course I bought them to try and of course they kept rolling down my hips. I seriously love the tights and the quality is good but the rolling down part, I cannot abide! Maybe need bicycle shorts to keep them in place now.

  2. I absolutely adore this outfit! That's some creative thinking to wear a dress under a pencil skirt- it has me brainstorming what dresses I could do that with. And love the tights, I snatched up a few pairs at Target the other day.

    Take care :)

  3. I am pretty sure We Love Colors has plus-size, doesn't it? Also Lane Bryant has some great ones & Target!

  4. This outfit is lovely! I would recommend We Love Colors, they do fit quite well. However, the E might be too big for you, as you're quite a bit slimmer than I am! Maybe try the C/D? Also, Addition Elle do tights too, don't they? I remember getting a pair, and they were too small, but really opaque, maybe if you size up they fit? Hmm, tights are such a pain, aren't they?!

  5. Love how you fit the pink tights into this outfit! Cute!!

  6. So hard to find a good brand of tights. I bought some at Banana republic last time, and they seem to be holding out well. I love the variety Target has, but they can be troublesome!

    Love the look!

  7. loving colored tights right now, you totally rock them!



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